Denim, denim & more denim

Hiya friends,

Back at it and enjoying the beginning of a new week. My days have been feeling longer, busier and somehow like I’ve been getting less done.. but in all honesty, I am busting my butt out here in school, blogging, gym, life, all of the above. I have been telling myself to do what I can and be happy with what I can get done instead of stressing about what I don’t get to. I have always had an issue of spreading myself a little thin and scheduling my whole life out, and of course when something went a little over the allotted time or not quite as planned.. my whole day was shot to hell. But I have adopted a new way of thinking, living, dressing and decided that not everything needs to be as difficult as I make it out to be.

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Now don’t get what I said twisted, I will never be able to let it all go, especially when it comes to looking cute. Don’t get me wrong, I roll out of bed onto campus somedays looking like I got dressed with my eyes closed and decided to plop my hair on top of my head in the worst way possible.. but I still like a simple little outfit to spice up my midweek wardrobe. And I am here to tell you that the best way to do this is to go full-on denim on denim.

Yes, I am actually telling you to double up on denim and not feel bad about it. Heck, you should be proud of the chic little moment given to all of the eyes you are gracing with your fashion-forwardness. There are a few rules to remember when rocking that Canadian tuxedo.

Rule #1- you cannot, should not, will not wear the same wash of denim all over your body. We are not going for a matching thing here, just like a complimentary look.

Rule #2- distressing isn’t your enemy but it also isn’t your friend. Treat distressing in this case as a subtle detail you can only incorporate to a certain extent. Too much distressing takes the look to a place of being a punk-rock cowboy, and I don’t think that is even a look.

Rule #3- play with fits and proportions. A tight pair of skinny jeans looks real cute with a baggier chambray top and boyfriend jeans pair well with a form fitting jean jacket.


Pretty much the moral of the story is that I actually think you should go full Britney Spears – Justin Timberlake circa 2000 and stock up on some excess denim. Here are my favorite looks to give you a head start on this task. 🙂

Remember, Britney isn’t the only one that can rock that all jean look, you can too! Hopefully you have the best day ever!! <3

Xo, Ciera


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