You’re hot then you’re cold

Hey there cutie pies,

In case you were wondering, the universe works in very crazy ways. It is baffling how coincidences seem to happen when you were never expecting them to, because the world around us has a way of working things out. I am not talking about the crazy way that you were just discussing how much you were craving tacos and then an ad popped up with a taco recipe moments later.. that’s the CIA or government or something working its magic. What I am talking about is how one door closes, another opens. It’s very cliché, but the other day I was turned down for my internship opportunity (sad face) for not having enough experience just yet and I was beating myself up about not doing this or that sooner.. but then a very different door opened with very different chances to make some more cash money by taking over some new fitness classes. It wasn’t exactly what I was looking for, but once it came my way I decided to seize the day and make the most of it. Okay, done with the sappiness and random factoids for now.. just decided you needed a quick life update.

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Photos by Ashlyn Moreno

Moving on, but kinda still on topic. I want to discuss how summer’s door has closed, while fall’s is only just beginning to open. I know I have been hyping fall up for plenty of days/weeks/months now, but I could not be more excited! The time has come to break out the booties, scarves and coats, and look real dang cute while doing it. The only downside is that it is still too warm outside to go full send on the fall attire.

I am not one of those gals that will sweat in a wool sweater for 6 hours in the name of fashion. I’ll take a couple pics with a light glistening of sweat or suffer through countless blisters, but you will not find me in a turtleneck unless it is gosh dang cold outside! And this reason exactly is why I love taking parts of my summer wardrobe into fall with me. Don’t toss those jean shorts just yet, or hide your tanks in the attic, I am here to tell you that they can be put to good use until the temps drop just a tad more.

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When the leaves say fall but the air says summer, my favorite way to outfit myself is with a pair of shorts and a long sleeve or sweater on top. It is quick, easy, and shows that you’re still holding onto the last bit of bronze you have left (that reminds me, I need to tan myself ASAP). Maybe you aren’t a shorts gal, take your outfit in the other direction and pair some boyfriend jeans with a tight tank and you will be good to go. Whatever you choose, just remember that no one ever said you had to sweat profusely to look cute. 🙂 Here are some of my fall pics for the perfect shorts & long sleeve looks.

Happy almost fall, but still kinda summer, loves!

Xo, Ciera

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