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Hi friends,

I don’t know why but I felt way fancier using the word autumn instead of fall in my title.. like a more worldly version of myself. Just imagine me being a world traveling gal who spends half of my time in New York and the other in the Maldives since I need a vacation from my vacation. That’s the version of me that I imagine using the word autumn on a regular basis, but here I am, regular old me using it anyway. Thank goodness I did use such a good word since my title was a little lackluster, however it is a very good depiction of what today’s post is really about – my favorites of the season.

So although the title and intro to this has been of little entertainment, I promise we are going to get back on the horse and get moving in no time. As it is slowly beginning to creep into lower temperatures and crisper air, it is time to break out the fall scents, beverages, and oversized scarves. Anyway, you no longer need your watermelon & sunscreen scented candle or strawberry lemonade starbs, you need autumn (there it is, that word again) in every part of you life.. so I am going to tell you just how to bring on the fall!

  1. A fuzzy sweater or two – I don’t know why but I have never been the cute loungewear type of gal, like if you see me on a Sunday afternoon you may want to shield your eyes for your own safety. However, I love a good sweater or cardi, and I think it somehow makes any outfit like baggy sweats or a pair of skinnies and booties look so much cozier. And I like to look cozy, because you know on cold days you don’t think to yourself, wow that girls looks cute.. you think wow, that girl looks warms. So let’s look cozy together                                                 
  2. Pumpkin spice errythangggg – I love a good pumpkin flavored anything just as much as the next gal, but the thing they don’t tell you about (even though they kinda do) is that pumpkin spice is not calorie/sugar free. VERY SAD AND RUDE IF YOU ASK ME. But I have a solution for you. Instead of ordering a grande pumpkin spice latte and intaking your weekly calories in a few sips, try this: Grande coffee (I like mine iced), 2 pumps pumpkin spice and 1 pump sugar free vanilla, and you have yourself a much lighter version of a fall favorite!
  3. Christmas music?? – okay I know no one else listens to this as early as me, but I would suggest it. Great music. Yay Christmas.
  4. Cinnamon stick witch broom thing – I am really not sure how to describe this one, but I got a large stick that smells like cinnamon at Trader Joe’s last week and it has made my home smell heavenly.. kinda like a burning scent at times, but still good nonetheless.
  5. Scarves and hats – I don’t know why, but it is just way easier for me to accessorize in fall than it is at any other time of the year. I haven’t worn a scarf yet, but hats are creeping up as my most worn item this month (does help that they cover my dirty hair once or twice a week as well). And scarves just make me feel so upper east side NYC chic.                                                                                            

That’s all the ideas I’ve got in my brain since I think I have a self diagnosed concussion, but here’s hoping my brain functions yet again next time. Much love.

Xo, Ciera

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  1. Gonna go get me a cinnamon stick!! Love the hat! I need a lesson in how to wear scarves. Maybe you can go over that?

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