Bootie bootie bootie boot rockin’ everywhere

Hi loves,

I was going  to say happy Wednesday, but I don’t think it’s Wednesday and I am now realizing that I am not really sure what day it is at all.. don’t worry, I will figure it out. Anyway, I have been getting requests lately for specific blogposts, and I am here to tell you to keep them coming. My brain goes dark at times and legit chooses to replay Hannah Montana songs instead of processing actual information and thinking of new ideas. So with that being said, if there is ever a product you want to try but want someone else to do it first, have a new workout that looks terribly terrifying but kinda cool, or a specific look or item that you are searching for, send it my way and I will do the heavy lifting for you. 🙂 that is literally what my blog is here for.. helping you and I live our lives just a little bit better, and with a lotta bit better of a wardrobe.

Here we go on the real post though, which per your request, I am going to be rounding up the cutest fall/winter boots and booties that will complete your closet and maybe even your life. Really I am not sure if they will be that life-changing, but a girl can dream.

For me, this time of year brings its own specific subset of challenges, and they all seem to boil down to my shoe choices. As a girl who wears running shoes, Birkenstocks, and Vans 99.7% of the time, I sure do have a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that canvas shoes are not snow boots no matter how hard I try.. But I am a quick learner, so I know after the first rainstorm that it is probably time to move onto some new footwear and hang up my Birks to dry for the winter.

The good news about boots & booties is that not only do they look so much cuter than other shoes with fall outfits, they are also the perfect disguise to hide 2 pairs of  fuzzy Christmas socks and a ratchet pedicure that should have been filled months ago. The main thing I am trying to get at here, is that you should really get yourself a good pair of boots or two to survive the cold. I would suggest some neutrals, but I have never been one to turn down a statement shoe, so you do you boo. Here are the ones I like, and I hope you like them too. 🙂



Also exciting news regarding styling and personal shopping coming next week, so be on the lookout. Have the best day, whatever day it is friends. <3

Xo, Ciera

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