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We have all made it through the first full week of 2019. Go ahead, pat yourself on the back. You deserve it, honey. Hopefully this week has been full of greatness and you have been kicking ass & taking names.. and if that hasn’t happened.. maybe 2020 is your year. 😉 just kidding, you’ve got plenty of time to get your life together.

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The even better news about the beginning of the year is the fact that we can now start counting down the days until it is finally warm again. If I didn’t live in Reno, I could confidently say that it will get warmer day by day until it is finally summer, but Reno likes to throw that late April snowstorm curveball that I can never quite get behind. I like the cold, don’t get me wrong.. I mean no inner thigh chafing since I can wear pants, closed toe shoes help my poor circulation-ridden toes stay warm, and big cozy sweaters that make you feel like the cool girl from the pajama commercial (are these actually a thing?) But ya girl can really appreciate some 70 degree weather.

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Photos by Ashlyn Moreno

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I am getting ahead of myself here, because as we can all see.. it isn’t warm. Like at all. But here’s the crazy thing about retail stores – they are already packing their shelves with short shorts and mini dresses. And if you’re anything like me, that money (like 6 dollars in my case) is burning a hole in your pocket and you MUST shop. So I am going to tell you right here, right now to buy that spaghetti strap dress, but don’t just throw it in your closet to be worn once it is finally warm.. wear it now!

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The best thing about clothes is that they can be layered. Although I wouldn’t suggest the exact pieces she used, we could all take a little advice from my niece, Harper. Her movie-going outfit the other day included a shirt, swimsuit coverup, sweatshirt and then a jacket. Best fashion statement I’ve ever witnessed? No. But did she look fly as helllll and seemed to be a genius for finding another use for that towel-like coverup you thought she couldn’t wear in winter? Yupp. The moral of the story is that I really really think you should combine your winter and summer wardrobes for the next couple of months to get the best bang for your buck.

Photo Dec 14, 4 05 59 AM

Try a long sleeve under a dress, some tights under a miniskirt, or a cardigan over a tank top. The options are endless.. but probably avoid the swim coverups until you’re somewhere near water. Here are some cute picks that are perfect for layering. 🙂

Whatever you wear – own it, work it, look good in it. Chat soon (since it is only the 11th, so I can’t give up on my two posts per week resolution already)

Xo, Ciera

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