Bet ya didn’t even see me there

Hey boo boos,

Happy Thursday to you spicy mamacitas (and probably 1 or 2 men reading this, papcacitos). I started my first last day of school on Tuesday, and let me tell you.. it has felt like high school senior spring, but like 500 times more intense. How do they expect me to ever pay enough attention to graduate and become a contributing member of society?! And along with that point too, how did I forget about the fact that after I graduate college, I will have to be a full-blown big girl and do adult things?? I blame you all for not warning me. I mean really though, what is a girl to do these days?


Now before you get any ideas based on the pictures in this post, I have zero intentions of entering any workforce requiring a camo uniform.. but that doesn’t mean ya girl doesn’t rock it from time to time. Okay, and by time to time I mean way more often than I should. But camo is reeeeeeal cute, so get used to it, honey buns.


Photos by Ashlyn Moreno

Bodysuit (similar) | Pants | Booties (similar)


So ya know, leopard has had its moment for quite sometime (like many moments), and I don’t see it making its exit anytime soon. However, if you are looking for a new pattern to throw in that handy dandy closet of yours, look no further than camouflage. And don’t you knock it before you try it. Once you get past the countless jokes about you not wearing ‘x’ garment of clothing since it is indeed camo (haha funny), it really only gets better from there.


Not only will you look super trendy and cute, but you can also step into any forest and immediately run with the deer. Win, win. Am I right? All jokes aside though, there is a right and a wrong way to do camo. In some senses you can count it as a neutral, but layering different camos is not the business. Try pairing it with a striped top and don’t even get me started on how cute camouflage looks with a blush pink color. Whatever you do, avoid pairing camo with a pair of clunky boots for fear of looking like the newest cadet, or possibly a Bratz doll. Here are some of my favorite camo pieces to complete your closet although you may not be able to see them (see, not funny.. but get used to it)

Keep me in your thoughts to get a second post up this week so Hanna doesn’t personally choke me out. Okay, ily bye.

Xo, Ciera


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