Fingertip length.. AT LEAST

Hey cuties,

How is your day going? (pause for effect) Great to hear. Think of this question and answer thing kinda like Steve asking questions on ‘Blue’s Clues’.. you can talk back at me all you want but I am still going to come back with a predetermined response. That’s just how the internet works for now. But if you were wondering how my day is going (I am sure you all asked me, I just have no way of knowing), it is going swell.. my lips have only gone numb twice in this below freezing weather and I only ALMOST fell. This booty did not hit the icy ground despite all of the universe’s efforts to make it do so, so we will be taking that as a victory for today.

Photo Dec 14, 3 29 15 AMPhoto Dec 14, 3 32 46 AM

I honestly cannot wait until the day that I no longer have to put on 17 layers to leave the house. If we could get to a nice 75 degree type of normal very soon I would greatly appreciate it, and I think you all would too. The worst part about the cold is how difficult it makes it to wear a dress. Like really, who suffers more from a dress in winter, you, the dress wearer because your legs literally lose feeling, or everyone else around you that has to take in those pasty legs in all of their glory?? We all suffer, that’s the correct answer.

Photo Dec 14, 3 32 52 AM

Photos by Ashlyn Moreno

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Luckily for you, me and everyone else on this green Earth, I have a solution. I watched that Fyre Festival documentary (if you haven’t seen it, watch it) and Billy just kept saying there are no problems, only solutions.. and although I am not planning a billion dollar music festival scam to steal your money, I think it’s not too bad of a motto to live by. So my solution for this drab weather we are experiencing is to embrace the midi dress.

Photo Dec 14, 3 30 34 AM

Now I know what you’re thinking, when you first think about these bad boys, an image of your kindergarten teacher or the local Amish community pops into your head. But I am here to tell and prove to you that it’s not all bad. When used correctly and placed in the correct hands, midi skirts and dresses are good, not evil. 🙂 When choosing the perfect one, look for those with shape.. if you see a similarity between a potato sack and the one you are eyeing, I’ll be the bad guy here and say it’s a no go. A good midi really accentuates your curves – like I am talking small waist, perky booty, and all around spiciness if done well.

Try pairing them with sneakers to add a little tomboy to an already girly ensemble. Or maybe try a midi with some mules to show that you live, love, learn and obviously know fashion. If you go for a looser option, go sassy with the rest of the ensemble with a fun top and strappy heels. Just trust me on this one, and roll with it, okay? Here are some of my faves to get your shopping kickstarted. 🙂

So take a chance, cover up those thighs, lower that hemline.. and then thank me later. Also, vaccinate your kids. 🙂 K bye.

Xo, Ciera

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