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It’s a wonderful Thursday now that the sun is out and the snow is melted for now. Every morning I wake up and see snow on the ground is another day that I die a little inside, and today was just one of those days. Apparently UNR believes in snow-driving as a regular activity and likes all of its students to practice it on a daily basis, so there is no chance of a cancelled school day anytime soon. With that being said, snow & school are at about the very top of my least favorites list right now, so instead of continuing on with my whining, I’ll share my list of recent favorites with you.

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It has been ages since I did a favorites post, and I have not stopped using random products that may or may not work sooooo I have a good chunk of things to throw your way. As always, I will only tell you the good-good because I appreciate your time and money more than I appreciate my own apparently (insert shrugging emoji here). Alrighty friends, let’s get this favorites party started.

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  1. IGK Toning Drops – Honestly, I didn’t know these existed up until a couple of months ago, and I think my life has been forever changed since that discovery. My brassy ass has the brassiest of brassy hairs and a toning in the salon every 8 weeks is just not in the budget.. luckily these drops take care of all of the nasty copper colors in my hair that I try to avoid. Disclaimer: it will make your hands purple if you are not careful.
  2. Isle of Paradise Dark Tanning Water – If there was a contest for the most tanning methods tried by any one person, I think I would win (if there is one, please let me know). There are definitely pros and cons to each method, but this spray water gives the perfect purple-tinted tan. Also, it doesn’t rub off on your clothes or easily sweat off, because surprisingly enough your clothes don’t want to be tanned as well.
  3. Beauty Blender Case – Although you may not want to admit it, that spongy thing that you are applying makeup with is not germ free. Those little suckers are crawling with bacteria, and deserve to be washed and nuked in the microwave more often than you would assume. The case is the perfect everyday necessity to house your blender post-makeup application and air out all of its sins.
  4. Citrus Stitch Hair Scarves – There is no better accessory than a hair scarf when you are just feeling a wee bit blah about any outfit. Ashlyn, the maker of these hair scarves is also the nicest, kindest soul and deserves all of the success in the world. She hand sews each one with love and makes sure you feel super super cute.
  5. White/Ivory/Light Pink Eyeliner – I used to be on this white eyeliner kick in high school where I outlined my eyeball with it.. but I looked more like an extra for an ice princess role instead of like someone that knows how to do their makeup. Nowadays I use a light shade of eyeliner right on the inside of my tear duct just to brighten up my eyes and look a little dewy for the day.

That’s all I’ve got for now, mostly because I can’t force myself off of the couch to see if there is anything else I need to add to the list. If I think of any additions, expect to see them on the next edition of ‘Favorites with Ciera’. Have the best of days and the wildest of weekends.

Xo, Ciera

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