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Hi there honeyssss,

Long time no chat.. Sorry I suck and haven’t written a post since ‘Nam (that is referring to the Vietnam War if you were wondering) Buuuut I really had intentions to get some more posts up and then I got hit with the “I have no energy and all of my ideas are dumb” feeling, so those posts didn’t happen. And on top of my sudden lack of ability to type coherent thoughts, I was plagued with finding outfits for everything graduation related. Who could have guessed that someone like me, that shops for fun and browses online retailers multiple times a day, would rather have gotten 100 tiny papercuts in between her fingers than look at ONE MORE DRESS?!

I would assume that you all wouldn’t have guessed that, and I sure didn’t either. 3 weeks ago, I thought that I should probably get looking for some graduation outfits.. yes, plural. (I am essentially using these next two months as an opportunity to make 10 outfit changes into the sassiest, cutest outfits my mind can conceive). But when I took to the world wide interweb to do some purchasing, you would have thought that the online shopping gods were punishing me for that one time I ordered a recorder (like the one you had to play ‘Hot Cross Buns’ on in 4th grade) on Amazon.. which I have yet to receive if you were wondering. Maybe they weren’t punishing me, but I will tell you that my search was long and strenuous.

Photo Mar 03, 4 04 00 PM

Pretty much I was that girl in the movie montage that scrolled through countless pages of dress after dress, followed by rompers, and then matching sets (okay, so maybe there aren’t any montages like this – but there should be). Anyway, my search came up dry every gosh dang time, and for me, shopping for a specific event is kinda like finding a crime suspect.. if no evidence is found in the first 48 hours, might as well pack up and throw in the towel. But I was determined to find me the best outfits for my senior pictures (mostly because you can’t send out graduation announcements wearing nothing but your cap and gown. That would sure be weird).

So after my fingers cramped, my eyes went crossed, and I could tell you the price, color and accompanying reviews for every single semi-formal piece of clothing ever made.. I finally found some options. Thank you sweet baby Jesus, one too many cold brews, and of course my trusty phone which only died every time I was finally about to put something in my cart. But the moral of this not-dramatic-whatsoever story is that I am going to share my picks for graduation pictures with you, and then in the next couple of weeks I will also share the best options for the ceremony, to the party, to the after party 😉 and everywhere in between. Hopefully this helps and you find the perfect, photo-worthy outfit in a fraction of the time it took me. Sidenote: if you’re not graduating, just use this guide as an excuse to buy a bunch of cute summer looks (maybe upstage the graduates at their parties too. ;))

Go out there and strut your stuff and show off all of my hard work. Until next time. <3

Xo, Ciera

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