You Beauty Queen, You

You Beauty Queen, You

Hey there,

Happy Wednesday (I think.. it is Wednesday, right?) Honestly I have no idea anymore, but happy day of the week.. whichever one it may be. 🙂 Hopefully you have taken the time in the past few days to compile a list of things that aren’t all so bad during this uncertain time. Remember, I assigned it as a homework in the last post? It’s cool if you didn’t do it, just know that it’s chalking up to a zero in my book. 😉 Most definitely kidding there. I have no sense of what day it is, let alone a grading system to keep track of.

Whether you made the list or not, I am here to tell you that there are more things to be super stoked about. And that thing, my dear friends, is the spring sale at Sephora. You read that right, it is time to save dat money (while also spending it, but we don’t talk about that) I know right now isn’t exactly the most popular time to spend money or get yourself all done up to plant yourself at home, but hear me out here… these may just be a few products you NEED. The word ‘need’ is a relative term here and may be an over-exaggeration, but it’s my blog.. let me write it how I want to. 🙂

So essentially the way the sale works is that you save money – I know, I was shocked too 😉 But really, Rouge members save 20%, VIB members save 15%, and insiders save 10%. Now if you don’t already have an account, you can sign up to be an insider now at no cost to ya (besides the money you spend on the products. I will not be held accountable for your actions!) The sale has already started for Rouge and VIB members, and starts tomorrow for those of you late bloomers that are just starting off as insiders! The code for the discount is ‘SPRINGSAVE’ and just has to be entered at checkout.

Quick intermission for some video and photo evidence of when my dear brother did my makeup since I haven’t taken a whole bunch of photos lately, and it seems like a good time to expose myself while showing off his artistic talent. Beware.



My apologies to your eyes for those. I promise that buying these products and the correct usage of them will not result in anything close to the looks done by Jusibear boo boo pie.

Now, with you all in mind, I have compiled my picks into three separate categories in which you can browse (and maybe even purchase) at your own convenience. Happy shopping!! Disclaimer: I tried not to include anything that has already sold out, but my deepest condolences if you do come across an item that is gone with the wind.

  1. Need you now – these babies are tried and true or near and dear to my heart, and I absolutely cannot live a day without them.
  2. I see it, I like it, I want it, I got it (and would reorder, but probably can’t count them as necessities) – I’ve bought these a few times and really love these fellas too.
  3. Rich b*tch status – no, these items are not all expensive, but I’m broke and have to make tough choices about which items to purchase. Buuuuuutttt these are the things that if I was a rich girl, see I’d have all of the money in the world (and not have to pick & choose, therefore I would also buy all of these things)

If you picked up on the fact that all of those categories were loosely based off song lyrics and began singing in your head, thank you, you are my people. <3 Anyway, I hope you get to shopping and pick up some good good at one of the best sales of the year!!

Xo, Ciera

Quarantine Tango

Quarantine Tango

Helloooooo ya beautiful people.

What am I doing here, you may ask??? I am hopefully, maybe kinda sorta trying to get back on the old horse and write a post or two. I figure I’ve got nothing to do, and neither do you, so you may just be forced to spend the next 7-12 minutes reading this here blogpost (12 minutes is definitely on the upper cusp, and mostly put in place for those that get distracted somewhere in the middle, take a water break and meander their way through the rest of it.. or maybe you’ve just gotta sound things out, I won’t judge <3)

Anyway, we are living in some weird times right now, don’t ya think? I probably don’t have to state that fact since you are also living through it, but stating the obvious is kinda my forte. Life is a little crazy, but somehow a little less hectic if ya know what I’m saying? If you don’t know what I’m saying, I’m not surprised because I also don’t know what I am saying 78% of the time… the other 22% of the time though, is when the real brain power gets a goin, and let me tell ya, it’s wild.

File Apr 16, 1 33 12 PM

*Please note: I no longer look like this, because I no longer have nails, lashes, or any motivation to do anything remotely cute to my hair… but that’s what this time is all about. 🙂

Although these may be some of the most uncertain times of our lives, and overall a real headache, I am here to tell you that it’s not all bad news. Life is definitely not sunshine and roses at this current moment either, but there may be a few silver linings that you hadn’t even thought of before. Maybe none of these apply to you, maybe only one or two tickle your fancy (wow, I really disliked typing that phrase), or maybe this is about to be the truest thing you’ve ever read… but no matter what, pretty please take a minute to think about the things that ain’t all that bad.

So here goes –

  1. Quality time with your pets – ever think about how much your dog misses you throughout the day? Now they don’t even have to miss ya a little.. and the best part is that they see this newfound extra time as unconditional love and they will never know that you are really being forced to hang out with them because of some lockdown orders from the government. 🙂
  2. Some fresh air – I am sure I am not the only person that couldn’t really remember the last time I got outside just to breathe in the fresh air (and pollen, really seasonal allergies, don’t you think there is enough going on right now???), but now I can bask in the sun and take a dog on a walk 8 times a day if my heart so pleases (they may never want to go on a walk again, but it is fun while it lasts)
  3. Good ol hair growth – trust me, I know that with hair growth comes some nasty roots and gray hairs (I don’t have those yet, but I am just trying to jive with the older folks here as well ;)), but some weeks away from the hot tools and a couple deep conditioning treatments will be a positive experience for those straw-like ends. And don’t get me started about not wearing makeup, it’s done wonders for my skin!
  4. Saving some gas – if you are still working, thank you, and I know you’ve gotta drive somewhere; but even with a daily commute to work or weekly drive to the grocery store, you have to admit that the gas tank is staying full just a little longer than usual. And on top of that, you’re putting less mileage on your car, which means way longer until you have to get an oil change and be harassed by the mechanics to change some fluids that you didn’t even know were a thing and then in turn must call your dad, just to tell them he said, “no, that will not be necessary”, which thank goodness because you didn’t have $60 to spend on wiper fluid (not speaking from personal experience here or anything – just a guess)
  5. Extra water intake – this just might be a good idea in daily life, but no better time than during a pandemic to increase your water consumption.. maybe eat an extra serving of fruits or vegetables during the day too. It’s good for you!
  6. The knowledge of how long you can be trapped in a house with someone before you want to strangle them – I think Brittany and I know that limit to be 6.2 hours and then we need to go into our separate corners to prevent killing one another.. we reintegrate into friendship seemingly well after this time apart. 🙂 This information just seems good to know and keep in the back of your brain in case the situation ever presents itself again.. and on that note, please let my future husband have a hobby that forces him to leave the home for extended periods of time during the day. Just saying. 🙂
  7. Time to set up a trampoline – I only wanted to include this part to let everyone know that our $50 trampoline is set up and fully functional (fully functional meaning that only one person may safely jump on it at a time – but hey, it’s a freakin trampoline) P.S. technically I did not set the trampoline up, but that’s not important.
  8. Patience to make a 13 hour long playlist that can be played all of the time – these may be getting a little to specific to my life and my actions in the past week, but I want you to know that making an extensive playlist of all of my favorite songs to throw on shuffle at any point in my life has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. I would highly recommend you do the same. Or if you’re into trash pop and 2010 throwbacks, feel free to check out mine linked here <3
  9. A new appreciation for home workouts – I was fully on the side of ‘gym workouts only’ or else what in the heck is the point prior to this lockdown. Nowadays though, I am fully aware that you can feel the burn with some at-home exercises if you really put your mind to it. Try some ab workouts, or just do a little cardio in your backyard, and I am almost certain that your brain and bod will thank you at least a little. Check out Kaylee Ullom on Instagram for some motivation because her workouts are fireeeeee.
  10. A new attitude that doesn’t take things for granted – the saying “You never know what you’ve got till it’s gone” has never felt more true. It has not been an easy adjustment and the swift pull of everything out from under us hit harder than we really realized. So after the dust has settled and a wee bit of normalcy starts to return, promise yourself and me that you will appreciate all of the opportunities, experiences, and things that come your way.

Like I said, these may not apply to you and that’s okay, but just take the time to think about the positives in times like these, while also giving a big ol middle finger to the rona. Make your own list, or comment some more to give people some inspiration and a lil chunk of hope right about now!

Oooo, an idea for the top your list – The Devil Wears Rompers may become active once again and the devil (me, I’m the devil) may be able to entertain you ever so slightly a couple times a week again 😉

Anyway, keep your chins up and be nice to one another. 🙂 Stay healthy & chat soon!

Xo, Ciera

GIFT GUIDE 1 – For the gal that has everything

GIFT GUIDE 1 – For the gal that has everything

Hi hi,

Happy Friday! Here is my first of many installments for the greatest holiday gift giving experience of all time.. and maybe receiving??

I decided to dedicate my first one to the hardest person to shop for.. someone like me. 🙂 Now do I take pride in being overly difficult to purchase something for? Maybe a little. BUT I am here to take the guess work out of it for you and guarantee you find the perfect gift for anyone and everyone out there. To shop the collage, just hover over the specific item and click the ‘plus’ to follow the link. Super easy and simple just like that.

I hope you enjoy, and happy gifting.

To shop anything in the carousel, just click the photo and it will take you right where you need to be. 🙂

So better get to shopping, dear friends.

Xo, Ciera