I like it like thattttt

I like it like thattttt

Hey honey pie sweet bottoms,

The sun is shining, I am covered in dirt from the marina, and Oakley is soaking wet while passed out on my bed.. so no better time to write a blogpost than now. And of course today’s post is all about my current faves so you are in for a real treat.

Lately I have been trying to change up my products and try new things instead of sticking with the exact routine every time just so I can tell you all about the hippest and happenin’. I figure it is my civic duty to spend my money on the trends so I can save you some time and money by leading you in the right direction. You can thank me now or later, your choice. πŸ˜‰ but really, hopefully these blogposts give you some ideas of the things you absolutely need and the ones you can most likely skip.

Photo May 17, 9 25 14 AMPhoto May 17, 9 17 48 AMPhoto May 17, 9 19 18 AMPhoto May 17, 9 24 14 AMPhoto May 17, 9 25 43 AM

Photos by Ashlyn Lee

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Alsoooooo I don’t really believe in negative reviews on my blog because that is no good for anyone so don’t expect me to tell you a list of things you shouldn’t try, but instead the best of the best things you SHOULD try. Okay, I will get off my soapbox now.. just had to give a quick little spiel (and let us all laugh at the fact that up until now I thought that ‘spiel’ was spelled ‘schpeel’… close)

Now onto the favorites, so here we go!

Number one – Bio oil is where it’s at. It heals all wounds, probably contains unicorn tears and locks of angel hair to make it work so well.. but to be honest it is the best moisturizer/skin healer known to mankind. This stuff has made my battle scars disappear.

Number two – the CUTEST pink suede hat you will ever see. My mom and I are on the constant hunt for cute Dodgers hats and I think this one officially tops the list. They also have it for the Yankees, but no one really likes them anyway.

Number three – Watermelon glow mask… I am the biggest fan of watermelon you will ever meet so I may be biased, but this stuff is top notch. Ever since I started Accutane my face has been dryer than the overcooked chicken Brittany and I attempt every week, but this mask has saved my life. It leaves your skin real glowy and smells so good you could eat it.. I wouldn’t do that though.

I hope you loved this week’s installment once again. Until next time. <3

Xo, Ciera


Hotter than hell

Hotter than hell

Hi cutie patooties,

I am back in Reno and am happy to announce that I survived the Arizona heat. Let me tell ya, it wasn’t easy, but I managed to make it through the trip while only making a few complaints that ‘I was melting’ or ‘dying of heat exhaustion’.. never ever am I dramatic. πŸ˜‰ But for real it was pretty dang hot (like 105ish) and so so dry. I mean we all know Arizona has a dry heat brought to us only by Hades himself, but when your skin suddenly feels “moisturized” when back in Reno, you know Arizona truly is drier than your mouth after eating saltines.

Even in the heat it is not socially acceptable to strip completely and walk around unclothed (even though it would be much colder that way), so I wore some clothes while I was there. Shocking I know, but yes I was indeed wearing garments the whole time. So of course I planned these outfits prior to the trip because for some reason when you throw 6 shirts and 5 bottoms in a suitcase and hope for the best.. it really doesn’t work out. We really tried our best (by we I mean my mom, Hanna and I.. thanks for being my vacay photogs! Your check is in the mail :)) to get pictures of all of my outfits. Buuuuut that didn’t quite happen, so I have a couple to show ya and then the others you will just have to believe me that I wore them and maybe I will get a picture some other time!

Here is my unofficial official Scottsdale style guide!

Photo May 30, 11 14 10 AM


Of course Justin loves a good blog pic and seems to include himself whenever he sees the opportunity. I wore this comfy combo on the plane headed to Phoenix and a quick breakfast after. I had to remove the sweatshirt for fear of sweating through the pepto bismol pink.

Photo May 31, 6 15 56 PM

This outfit was night number 1 for the Barrio Queen. They didn’t give me the crown, but I am not sure if that is a good or bad thing?? Mixing patterns is most definitely where its at.

Photo Jun 01, 7 26 58 PM

Photo May 31, 6 30 50 PM.jpg

This bad boy was a dinner night outfit and most definitely my best rendition of Tupac. I think I need a little more of a gangster vibe, but I’ll get it someday. Also you need this top more than anything else you’ve ever needed before.


Obviously I wore this number out to a fancy dinner with a strict dress code.. or maybe just the pool one day since being half naked is still only allowed when near the water. This ribbed swimsuit is super cute and flattering. I love it so much <3

Photo Jun 03, 5 41 37 PM

I’m like 90% sure this bungee jumpsuit is a clothing malfunction waiting to happen, but I still love it so much. I was really feelin this cotton candy color scheme vibe, even brought me back to my 3rd grade days.. in the best way. ‘Twas the perfect outfit for a full day of shopping!

So that’s about all I’ve got for you for now and tomorrow I am comin at ya with my Scottsdale favorites and next week I will have a full roundup of everything I bought while out on my shopping spree. πŸ™‚

Xo, Ciera


Forever 21… FOREVER

Forever 21… FOREVER

Hey there cutie pies,

Haps Tuesday to you! I hope you all recovering well from a much needed three-day weekend, and had a happy Memorial Day! Big thank you to those who fight for our freedom everyday. I spent my day packing for my trip ahead and preparing to take this newfound summer heat to the next level tomorrow in Scottsdale! I’ve been running outdoors in giant trash bags for weeks to get me ready for the 103 degree weather I am about to encounter (just kidding, I’ve been eating popsicles instead). But really someone please wish me luck, and send slurpees.

Anywayyyyy I was called out by my dear family for still kinda sucking when it comes to the posting, so I pinky promise you will get your full 3 posts this week (whether you like it or not… Hanna) You know with the first day of the blogging week comes a fashion post, so here we are, fashion posting.

Photo May 17, 9 00 56 AMPhoto May 17, 9 00 48 AMPhoto May 17, 9 04 59 AMPhoto May 17, 9 03 09 AMPhoto May 17, 9 02 06 AMPhoto May 17, 9 03 32 AM

Photos by Ashlyn Lee

If I am being honest, and although my father will disagree with this based on the amount of my packages he begrudgingly carries inside each week, my shopping has come to a little bit of a slowdown the past couple of weeks. When you’re ballin’ on a college budget, you have to be picky, so the pieces I have ordered lately are things I have been eyeing for awhile, finally came back in stock, or is just something I can’t seem to live without.

But what is a blogger to do without enough clothes to wear a different outfit each day with no repeats and still feel sassy? Cry, that’s what she does. Just kidding, I am only a little dramatic. But really, when my closet is looking a little bare (to me at least) and possibly needs a little trendy or colorful pick-me-up, I do what any rational person would do and head to Forever 21. It is the perfect place to find ‘fast fashion’ in the sense that I can wear it once and not feel bad about never wearing it again. So as some of you have requested, here is my affordable find blogpost.

Now I am not saying it is a free for all once you get to Forever 21.. this store requires strategy, grit, and stamina (or maybe that’s ping pong, who knows) But really, do not go into Forever 21 “just browsing” or else you will leave 4 hours later after trying on nothing that goes together with only a cami in hand. My tips for Forever 21 include: get your personal style in your head before you go in (don’t waste your time on the pleather skirts if your a cotton candy kinda lady), make a list of what you need (my last haul included floral, jumpers, and a couple crop tops if I was feelin ’em), decide how much you want to spend (I know everything is like $14, but that starts to add up when you like 56 things), and don’t be discouraged by sizing (some of their mediums are tighter than a 1980’s leotard on me, while a small won’t even stay on in others).

So to help you through this journey we call life I have also included some of my fave Forever 21 picks so you can shop away and not break the bank. πŸ™‚

I hope you enjoyed today’s post and can save some moolah during the process. You are all pretty princesses at heart. K bye.

Xo, Ciera