OVERALL, a pretty cute look

OVERALL, a pretty cute look

Hi pals,

Happy times back on the blog, and what a pleasure it is to have you all joining me for yet another week. If you were previously unaware, I still have absolutely no idea how to work this here blog you’re reading, but I hope you are enjoying the new updates that are functioning correctly. It is so much easier to shop with the linked images and it looks supes professional like I kinda sorta know what I am doing.

But today’s blogpost is a wee bit different that normal, because I am going to give you a little life update, and then tell you what you should wear, because I am bossy like that. My mom always tried to break my bossy streak, but I just can’t go a day without throwing out my unwarranted opinion. πŸ™‚

Photo Mar 26, 3 48 22 PMPhoto Mar 26, 3 39 45 PM

Life update first.. I am officially a neuroscience major! I really have no idea if any of you actually care, but it felt like something to announce. I have also declared my substance abuse and Spanish minor, so I am a woman with kinda a plan, but really also I have no idea what I am doing. K, life update over.

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Now that spring is here and summer is quickly approaching, I feel that it is my civic duty to tell you all that there are other outfits that can be worn besides jeans and a t-shirt (I’m lookin at you, Brittany). But really, the best part about the warm months is all of the cute things you can wear, from skirts to dresses to shorts to rompers and of course overalls.

Shop my look here:

Overalls are such a fun twist on the classic jean look. And I know the first thought that pops into your head is some overall-wearing gal, moving hay on the farm.. but I am here to tell you that if worn correctly they are so much cuter than that. We must all remember just how to size and style our overalls though.. Too short/small and that bad boy is giving you a front and back wedgie (if you know what I mean), too big/long and you have channeled your inner local 90’s artist just a bit too much.. but just right and your overalls are cute and comfy. I also love an overall with a fun sleeve underneath or a cool print to balance out the denim. I just really need you all to promise you won’t wear a flannel underneath your overalls, or else I will know you didn’t read this post in its entirety. Shoe choice is also important because cowboy boots are obviously off limits, and mules, sandals or wedges look so much better to elongate the leg than tennies do. Here’s some more overall options if ya don’t wanna match me.

So moral of the story is overalls can come in many different forms: skirts, shorts, pants, corduroy, striped, denim, and probably a bunch of other ways but ain’t nobody got time for that. The best part about overalls too is unlike when wearing a romper, you won’t be naked in the restroom because you’ve still got a top on under that onesie.. But I am going to save you the 15 minute bathroom escapade now and let you know that wearing a bodysuit and overalls is in no way a good idea. K byeeeee.

Xo, Ciera

A little mix n’ match never hurt anybody

A little mix n’ match never hurt anybody

Hey hey hey,

I am currently running on about 2 hours of sleep and dreading all things school this week, but I am two tests down this week with only two more to go.. thank you baby Jesus. But ya know I wouldn’t leave you guys hangin, I like you much more than studying anyway. If only my tests were based on finding cute clothes, or reciting every word to Fergalicious and One Less Lonely Girl, then I would be highly prepared and not so sleepy. Old school JB always picks me up when I need him, and of course nothing makes me happier than a supes cute outfit.

Photo Mar 14, 4 47 53 PMPhoto Mar 14, 4 47 59 PMPhoto Mar 14, 4 48 07 PMPhoto Mar 14, 4 47 32 PMPhoto Mar 14, 4 47 51 PM

My favorite kind of outfit is one with mixed patterns, colors, and textures. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good matching set just as much as the next gal, but mixing it up is so much fun. So if fish are friends, not food, then that means that pattern mixing is a friend not a foe as well. Seems like a poor example since I could eat sushi everyday of the week, but I am just on a Finding Nemo kick, so you will have to deal with it!

I am going to refer back to that neon green zebra print just one more time… pairing this with your hot pink cheetah print crop top is not the mix n match I am talking about. You really shouldn’t be pairing either of those items with anything (besides the trashcan)Β  if we are being honest. I am specifically referring to a cute, chic version of mixing it up. The perfect examples are leopard and stripes, fuzzy tops and silky skirts, eyelet shorts and lavender, and lots of others, but you guys will stop reading if I list anymore.

You never want your outfit to be boring, so even if you prefer wearing black for everyday of your life, try mixing textures with a cotton tee and Sherpa sweater, or maybe you are already rainbow crazy so you could try purple stripes with a pale pink floral. But remember when mixing and matching, if you look like Ms. Frizzle or a character from any Dr. Suess book, you may wanna dial it back a notch or two. But who am I to tell ya what to do?! You do as you please, and enjoy and shop my other favorite picks for putting together the best mixed outfit you possibly can!

So you get out there and get wild honey boo boo child!

Xo, Ciera

My favorite-est favorite

My favorite-est favorite

Hi friends,

Hooray for Wednesday and for being halfway through this very long week! Today is a very exciting favorites post because I have been accepted into rewardStyle!! Now I am sure that means nothing to all of you, but pretty much it means that it is now easier for me to link everything, a prettier setup, and easier for you to shop. That is called a win-win-win people! So there will now be a slight change in the look of some of my blog posts, but even simpler to navigate so you now have no excuse to not do some major shopping damage. πŸ™‚

Technically today’s favorite things list is a bunch of things all wrapped into one big thing. It is allllll about the Shopbop friends and family sale. Now kind of like John Tucker’s birthday party (if you haven’t seen John Tucker Must Die, I am not sure we can be friends), this Shopbop sale is like homecoming combined with prom… combined with MTV Music Awards. It’s a pretty freakin big deal. ALL ORDERS UNDER $500 get 20% off with the code ‘EVENT18’, and orders over $500 get 25% off with that same code. THIS IS NOT A DRILL PEOPLE, YOU MUST HURRY BECAUSE IT ONLY LASTS THROUGH SATURDAY! So I am going to share some of my favorites from the sale so you can charge up that card and get to ordering. πŸ™‚

Shopbop F&F

This stuff is just too good! All of the photos are clickable, so you can easily shop directly from this page!

I hope you guys get some good stuff and take advantage of this sale.. it goes by quicker than you think! Happy shopping! πŸ™‚

Xo, Ciera