Ain’t nothin better than food

Ain’t nothin better than food


Happy Thursday to you and congrats on almost making it through another week! As we patiently await the weekend I decided that today’s blogpost would be the answer to a commonly asked question I seem to get way more often than I ever thought I would. Now obviously I have been pretty open on here and really to anyone that asks about my fitness routine and body situation because who doesn’t love a good tell-all, right? But lately people have been asking what I eat.. so I am here to tell ya!

This won’t be a boring meal journal I promise you that, nor will it be me telling you what to eat, because I am not a nutritionist by any means. Really I am not even legally allowed to tell you what to eat, so this will pretty much be me recounting two days of eating. I am sure you are wondering by now why I want to tell you two days.. and the answer is this: somedays I eat like Jillian Michaels and fear the word ‘carbs’, while other days I eat like a truck driver who hasn’t seen a home-cooked meal in 3 days. But one thing is for sure, this girl can eat. So let’s get started!

Day 1 – Breakfast: probably some berries, avocado toast, and a hard boiled egg or egg whites (clean so far, I am doing well)

1st snack: banana and peanut butter.. yum yum

Lunch: a terribly boring salad with some ground turkey because my fridge is down to the last few pieces of spinach (green goddess dressing makes everything better, I promise)

2nd snack: carrots, celery & hummus. Also how did hummus just suddenly appear? Why were people not eating it 5 years ago?

Dinner: poorly seasoned and overcooked chicken (I try hard I swear.. always dry though) and some brussels sprouts.

All of this along with a day’s worth of water and I am the epitome of health.

But then in hopes of being transparent with you all, I have eating days that don’t quite go so well. So now I will show you day 2.

Day 2 – Breakfast: didn’t have time to eat anything and am now running very late to class, so a Clif bar it is. Brittany and I joke that we live off of these, but it’s not far from the truth. 

1st snack: berries and hard boiled egg I packed (back on track, woohoooo)

2nd snack 3 minutes later: PB&J I was planning to save till lunch, but 8:46 AM is as far as I am making it today.

3rd snack (still starved): carrots and grapes because there is still time to salvage this day.

Lunch: I have now eaten everything I packed so Cane’s it is 🙂 treat yoself…

4th snack (barely 2 o’ clock): bag of Chex Mix and some almonds from the campus store.. almonds are healthy right?

5th snack: finally home and telling myself dinner is soon so I will just eat an apple.

6th snack: have now eaten everything in sight.. 10 pieces of salami, 4 oreos, 2 handfuls of Goldfish, a couple scoops of peanut butter, and a glass of milk to wash it all down. 

Dinner: how I am still hungry I will never know, so might as well finish off the day strong with some spaghetti to carb up and make tomorrow better. 

Phew that was a whole lot to write out, but I hope you enjoyed it. If you are trying to lose weight, tone up, or become healthier overall I would not suggest my second day of eating.. but I wanted to make it known that I don’t eat kale everyday, nor do I eat sour patch watermelons every meal. I am sure you have heard this before but life is about balance. Especially when it comes to eating, food is meant to be enjoyed (because it tastes real good) and it should never feel like you are forcing yourself to eat something you don’t want to. Also not all of my eating days are perfect and not all of them are terrible either, but most often they fall somewhere in the middle of these days because I am not trying to fear pizza or love apple cider vinegar cleanses (how do people drink that stuff??) So like I said friends, balance is key. Eat what you want, do what you want, be happy people.

Xo, Ciera


Dad bod not required, but recommended

Dad bod not required, but recommended

Hi friends,

I woke up in a panic today realizing that not only had I not gotten anything for my father dearest for Father’s Day, but I also hadn’t given you guys any ideas for what to give your padre.. how rude of me, I know. But the good news is that there are still 5 days until the big day so last minute shopping is in full effect. And before I even start this I would like to point out that grillin’ spatulas, ties, and homemade bookmarks are all great gifts, but we are going high class around here because my father would expect no less.

Now sometimes I wonder why there is not a daughter’s day.. I am a wonderful daughter, I should be rewarded. But then I realize that dads get their own special day because they have spent 18 years providing places to live, food to eat, and dad jokes to laugh at. Now moms are wonderful at back-scratching, making chicken enchiladas, taking their daughters on countless shopping trips to Ross, and helping pick out the perfect prom dress (or maybe that’s just my mom, she’s pretty great). But this post is about the big poppas out there holding it down for the fam. Where dads may lack in maternal instincts and the ability to hang dry their dau clothes after countless times of telling them they get ruined in the dryer.. they make up for it by saying yes when mom says no, commenting on how ripped your jeans are and asking where the rest of your skirt went, and even killing small, life-threatening insects and rodents.

If it weren’t for the whitey-white skin, huge quads, and sarcastic manner, we may never be sure that Jimmy boy is my dad. But lucky for me Jimbo is the best bodyguard, ATM and Cabo club dance partner all wrapped up into one (see video below) daddy-o. So ya know I won’t really get too sappy about him, but I do love the big fella and he may even grace us with his presence for a blogpost later this week.

All of this was the longest intro ever into a gift guide for your pops, so sorry I got a little wordy today. Enjoy this gift guide, buy some gifts and hope that dad subtracts the gift from the running tab of everything you owe him throughout the years.

Have the best of evenings and we shall chat tomorrow.

Xo, Ciera

Orange you glad I didn’t say banana

Orange you glad I didn’t say banana


Please someone save me from myself before I continue on with these pun-filled titles! It’s fitness post Thursday, and it is making its appearance once again. I am sure you all missed it, but don’t fret, it is here to stay. In all honesty the main reason they weren’t happening was because I was super unmotivated to do any sort of workout besides my classes I normally teach. And I think it’s a little unfair for me to tell you all how to workout if I can’t even do it myself. I just needed a little push to get me back to gettin in shape, so I decided to change up my normal fitness routine and try something different.

I decided I would make a list of some other gyms/workouts in Reno that I would want to try and get to work. I originally planned on trying a new one a week, but here we are 3 weeks later and I’ve only been to one new place.. baby steps. Buuuuuuttt I quite liked this place I tried, and I am sure you have probably heard of it before, and if ya haven’t.. climb out of that rock you’ve been living under and join the rest of us here in the 21st century!

Now before I tell you the name I must make it clear that nothing ever comes before Escape, it will always have my heart 💚, but this gym was a fun little mixup for the day. This gymnasio is called Orange Theory. I’m pretty sure they prefer to be called a fitness center but I do what I want around here. And since writing a play by play of my workout only seems funny when Justin does it, I am going to give you a list of things I liked/didn’t love during my workout! Here goes!!


• the instructor, Sandy, was a sassy lady that knew what she was talking about (a whole lotta scientific terms, which I’m down for)

• challenging endurance workout with a good mix of cardio and weight training

• LOVE the heart rate monitors and the display on the board. I do not like to lose so you better believe ya girl was pushing it to see some results on that screen.

• high intensity throughout, because once you’ve lost my interest it’s gone forever (kinda like a 5 year old)

• running didn’t actually suck.. they use an interval method on the treadmill which makes the time seem to go by faster (only like milliseconds faster, but it’s somethin)

• the place is sparkling clean. The equipment doesn’t feel like 48299263 people used it before you, and they are fully stocked on everything you need

Kinda sorta dislikes

• music was quiet.. or maybe my eardrums are blown out from jamming to loud music everywhere else. I just could’ve used a higher decibel!

• you have to buy/rent the heart rate monitor after your first intro class.. I think this is silly tbh because it would make more sense to me to just let clients use them each class, but hey I am not the boss around there.

• rowing still sucks. I started on the rower and no matter what I will always hate it. It’s kinda like burpees though.. nothing will ever make it better.

• I would have preferred a couple more leg exercises. We did do some lunges but the rest of the workout was mostly centered around upper body, and they do promise a full body workout. With that being said my chest and triceps are killing me.

And just a general tip, when you are on the treadmill don’t come down too far on intensity during your rest or else it is literally the hardest thing you’ve ever done in your life trying to get your heart rate back up into the Orange or red zone. Felt like I was dying a few times..

After allllll of that, I bought some more classes to throw in to my workout schedule once a week, so I would definitely say you should go try it out. Best part is they also have ORANGES to eat.. that’s hilarious. K, that’s all.

Xo, Ciera