Quarantine Tango

Quarantine Tango

Helloooooo ya beautiful people.

What am I doing here, you may ask??? I am hopefully, maybe kinda sorta trying to get back on the old horse and write a post or two. I figure I’ve got nothing to do, and neither do you, so you may just be forced to spend the next 7-12 minutes reading this here blogpost (12 minutes is definitely on the upper cusp, and mostly put in place for those that get distracted somewhere in the middle, take a water break and meander their way through the rest of it.. or maybe you’ve just gotta sound things out, I won’t judge <3)

Anyway, we are living in some weird times right now, don’t ya think? I probably don’t have to state that fact since you are also living through it, but stating the obvious is kinda my forte. Life is a little crazy, but somehow a little less hectic if ya know what I’m saying? If you don’t know what I’m saying, I’m not surprised because I also don’t know what I am saying 78% of the time… the other 22% of the time though, is when the real brain power gets a goin, and let me tell ya, it’s wild.

File Apr 16, 1 33 12 PM

*Please note: I no longer look like this, because I no longer have nails, lashes, or any motivation to do anything remotely cute to my hair… but that’s what this time is all about. πŸ™‚

Although these may be some of the most uncertain times of our lives, and overall a real headache, I am here to tell you that it’s not all bad news. Life is definitely not sunshine and roses at this current moment either, but there may be a few silver linings that you hadn’t even thought of before. Maybe none of these apply to you, maybe only one or two tickle your fancy (wow, I really disliked typing that phrase), or maybe this is about to be the truest thing you’ve ever read… but no matter what, pretty please take a minute to think about the things that ain’t all that bad.

So here goes –

  1. Quality time with your pets – ever think about how much your dog misses you throughout the day? Now they don’t even have to miss ya a little.. and the best part is that they see this newfound extra time as unconditional love and they will never know that you are really being forced to hang out with them because of some lockdown orders from the government. πŸ™‚
  2. Some fresh air – I am sure I am not the only person that couldn’t really remember the last time I got outside just to breathe in the fresh air (and pollen, really seasonal allergies, don’t you think there is enough going on right now???), but now I can bask in the sun and take a dog on a walk 8 times a day if my heart so pleases (they may never want to go on a walk again, but it is fun while it lasts)
  3. Good ol hair growth – trust me, I know that with hair growth comes some nasty roots and gray hairs (I don’t have those yet, but I am just trying to jive with the older folks here as well ;)), but some weeks away from the hot tools and a couple deep conditioning treatments will be a positive experience for those straw-like ends. And don’t get me started about not wearing makeup, it’s done wonders for my skin!
  4. Saving some gas – if you are still working, thank you, and I know you’ve gotta drive somewhere; but even with a daily commute to work or weekly drive to the grocery store, you have to admit that the gas tank is staying full just a little longer than usual. And on top of that, you’re putting less mileage on your car, which means way longer until you have to get an oil change and be harassed by the mechanics to change some fluids that you didn’t even know were a thing and then in turn must call your dad, just to tell them he said, “no, that will not be necessary”, which thank goodness because you didn’t have $60 to spend on wiper fluid (not speaking from personal experience here or anything – just a guess)
  5. Extra water intake – this just might be a good idea in daily life, but no better time than during a pandemic to increase your water consumption.. maybe eat an extra serving of fruits or vegetables during the day too. It’s good for you!
  6. The knowledge of how long you can be trapped in a house with someone before you want to strangle them – I think Brittany and I know that limit to be 6.2 hours and then we need to go into our separate corners to prevent killing one another.. we reintegrate into friendship seemingly well after this time apart. πŸ™‚ This information just seems good to know and keep in the back of your brain in case the situation ever presents itself again.. and on that note, please let my future husband have a hobby that forces him to leave the home for extended periods of time during the day. Just saying. πŸ™‚
  7. Time to set up a trampoline – I only wanted to include this part to let everyone know that our $50 trampoline is set up and fully functional (fully functional meaning that only one person may safely jump on it at a time – but hey, it’s a freakin trampoline) P.S. technically I did not set the trampoline up, but that’s not important.
  8. Patience to make a 13 hour long playlist that can be played all of the time – these may be getting a little to specific to my life and my actions in the past week, but I want you to know that making an extensive playlist of all of my favorite songs to throw on shuffle at any point in my life has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. I would highly recommend you do the same. Or if you’re into trash pop and 2010 throwbacks, feel free to check out mine linked here <3
  9. A new appreciation for home workouts – I was fully on the side of ‘gym workouts only’ or else what in the heck is the point prior to this lockdown. Nowadays though, I am fully aware that you can feel the burn with some at-home exercises if you really put your mind to it. Try some ab workouts, or just do a little cardio in your backyard, and I am almost certain that your brain and bod will thank you at least a little. Check out Kaylee Ullom on Instagram for some motivation because her workouts are fireeeeee.
  10. A new attitude that doesn’t take things for granted – the saying “You never know what you’ve got till it’s gone” has never felt more true. It has not been an easy adjustment and the swift pull of everything out from under us hit harder than we really realized. So after the dust has settled and a wee bit of normalcy starts to return, promise yourself and me that you will appreciate all of the opportunities, experiences, and things that come your way.

Like I said, these may not apply to you and that’s okay, but just take the time to think about the positives in times like these, while also giving a big ol middle finger to the rona. Make your own list, or comment some more to give people some inspiration and a lil chunk of hope right about now!

Oooo, an idea for the top your list – The Devil Wears Rompers may become active once again and the devil (me, I’m the devil) may be able to entertain you ever so slightly a couple times a week again πŸ˜‰

Anyway, keep your chins up and be nice to one another. πŸ™‚ Stay healthy & chat soon!

Xo, Ciera

Life as I know it

Life as I know it

Hi punkins,

As promised, here I am – back at it on the blog and trying my best to figure my s#!t out. πŸ™‚ Does it really make it better if I use a hashtag and exclamation point in place of an h and i?? We all know what I mean and we are even more aware that I have a potty mouth, so who I am really trying to fool here, right? If you were previously unaware though, I cuss like a sailor… and I am not even gonna apologize to my mom and grandmother, because I think they were the ones that provided me with such an expansive, explicit vocabulary.

Anyway, there’s a point to my rambling today. I kinda thought it would be a little weird to just hop back into things without an update as to what I have been up to for the past 7 months.. yes, it has been that long, you don’t need to check. πŸ˜‰ so today’s post is pretty much just a recap of all of the happenings from that time frame. And for those of you that already know all of this, sorry I am a serial over-sharer and now you have to read about it all over again.Β And obviously just for kicks, I’m gonna link some cute things, because why not??

Photo Nov 09, 4 32 16 PM.jpg

Sweater | Denim Dress | Denim Dress (similar) | Boots


Okay, here goes.

I graduated college (kinda)… and by kinda I mean that I am still technically in two labs, but on December 16th I will officially be done with my undergrad. To all of those that gave me grad gifts, I swear I didn’t pull a fast one on ya, I did walk across the stage in May (inside might I add.. not in the quad.. shout out Marc Johnson, still mad at you), I just have a few measly credits to finish up this semester, and then I’m really donezoooooo!!!

I spent most of my summer serving beverages to Reno’s finest. I met some pretty cool people and some very interesting characters at the same time. I also now know pretty much everything you could ever want to know about golf carts, IPA’s, greyhounds (the drink, not the bus), and the timing of a round of golf. Quiz me, I dare you.

Photo Nov 09, 4 33 22 PMPhoto Nov 09, 4 32 54 PM

I worked pretty much every weekend, but when I did make my way out, I sure did have some fun. Honestly I think this may have been the most fun summer I have ever had. I was exhausted pretty much at all hours of the day, but the nights out and 2 am returns home were worth it (right Brittany? ;)) I also slept a lot.. but you’re only 22 once, so I needed to do T-Swift proud and really do it big this year. Also, on that note, I spent my 22nd birthday karaoke-ing to “22” by Taylor Swift, so it really could not have gotten much better than that.

You may not care about this part, but just a few humble brag moments because it’s the little things in life. πŸ™‚ I have adopted a very extensive skincare routine and can almost guarantee that I will not have a wrinkle before the age of 50 (Word to the wise – WEAR SOME SUNSCREEN DAMMIT). My credit score went up because I finally realized that racking up credit card debt was probably not the best way to spend my early 20’s. Aaaaand I signed up to take the GRE next month so I can apply to grad schools. So if I never report back on how I did, just assume it went terribly and send well wishes for my inevitable mental breakdown. πŸ™‚

Photo Nov 09, 4 31 44 PM

Moving on..

I spent a quick 46 hours in Las Vegas, and let me tell ya.. VEGAS WON. Not only did I lose each and every battle while there, I lost the gosh dang war too. It was fun though. I also made it to Huntington Beach with the family (probably one of my favorite places). This trip looked a lot different than the Vegas one, but fun nonetheless. Side note: I had to buy a brand new suitcase while there because I shopped so much (yikes).Β  I also realized on that trip that I want to live there, so if 15 of you want to split the rent for a studio apartment down there, hit a girl up. That’s the only way we are affording a living space in the California housing market, I promise you that.

Speaking of housing market, I am now the assistant to my dad for his real estate business. So if you are ever in need of someone to help you buy or sell a home in the Reno/Sparks area, shoot Jim an email at james.farley@bhhsdrysdale.com or visit his website (shameless plug right there) He knows his stuff and his assistant is top-notch. πŸ˜‰ Proud of you, padre!

But my Farley family assistant work does not stop there. I also have the great pleasure of being my brother’s subordinate at his engineering office. It is definitely not easy not calling him a douchewad every time he tells me to do something, but we are getting through it and being big kids while in the office. And while we are on the topic of Justin, and I am sure he is reading this part.. please propose to Hanna. <3

Photo Nov 09, 4 34 15 PM

K, back on track now.. I also spent the summer shoppingggggg. But the craziest part about working all of the time is that I didn’t have a lot of opportunities to wear all of my new purchases. For example, my employers probably would not have appreciated these cute new thigh-high boots, as if they would slow down my pace of work or something?? But anyway, I have a lot of cute clothes to share with you in the upcoming weeks, so I hope you enjoy.

Photo Nov 09, 4 31 47 PMPhoto Nov 09, 4 34 18 PM

I think that’s how I am gonna wrap it up for this post. My hands are cramping and this was a doozy in general.. and who doesn’t love an abrupt ending?? (Me, that’s who – but I am learning to pick my battles) I have a lot of new post ideas coming your way and I hope you love them. Thanks for reading friends.

Xo, Ciera



Hi, hello, happy Thursday!!

That introduction seemed a little lackluster, but I’m not sure there is any great way to say “Hi, so sorry I have been M.I.A for the last 6 months, but here I am now, so hopefully you haven’t forgotten about me, and hopefully you’re ready to see my face again and thanks so much for being patient”?? If anyone knows a word that sums that all up, please pass the info along.. but for now, we will just stick with: SURPRISE, I’M BACK BABYYYYYYY. πŸ™‚

I posted my first real blog post on this day two years ago, so it kinda sorta, really a lotta bit felt like no better time than right this second to get this bad boy up. I keep it mostly short and sweet because words are hard, and there’s no pictures (ugh, who likes a novel without pictures? NO ONE). Regardless,Β keep on reading for somethin’ exciting.

I have had a lot of intentions to get the blog back up and running for a few months now, but life kinda got in the way. Essentially ya girl needed to make some monayyyy. Good news is that I did just that (and then I spent a very good portion of it, but is anyone really surprised by that???) But I also found myself in this new phase of life where I was literally terrified of everything that came along with making decisions. This summer, I suddenly became very aware that my time is money, and let me tell ya, this blog takes a lot of time (and money, and time as money, and money as time, ya know), and for some reason every time I came to my computer to type something, or scheduled blog pictures… it just seemed like a poor use of my time. (wowzers, how many more TIMES can I possible say ‘time”?) I couldn’t explain the feeling to you if I tried, but it almost felt like starting all over to me. Just the thought of getting this beast back up and running exhausted my brain and wallet all over again.

Where I am going with this rant? Couldn’t really tell ya, I like it to be a surprise to me too. πŸ˜‰

But then I got to thinking (which I do often), why can’t I make this fun again? Why can’t I just pick back up where I left off?Β  And after this very long-winded, dramatic thought process, I decided I have already laid the groundwork (past Ciera is so kind & helpful sometimes), so all I have to do is pick up where I left off, but be a little better this time around. Remember kids, you don’t always need to be the best, you just need to be better. I’m kidding (kinda) πŸ˜‰

So with all of that being said, here I am with The Devil Wears Rompers 2.0. I am still going to bring you winter trends, cute outfits, and extensive beauty routines, along with gift guides and terribly corny jokes, but it’s going to be new and improved… just like my newly cleaned hair after 4 days of not washing it (Sorry mom, dry shampoo just works so well). But anyway, hopefully you enjoyed this random breaking news and prettiest of pleases check back next week for some good content and me blabbering. ILY SO MUCH and thank you for coming right on back to read the 10% of my thoughts that I actually find appropriate enough to put on the internet.

Xo, Ciera