I can feel the carpal tunnel already

I can feel the carpal tunnel already

Hi again!

We have made it to hump day, and of course the final day to run around like a crazy person collecting 20 pound birds and absurd amounts of dinner rolls. The craziest part to me is that Thanksgiving is such a quick holiday. One day of excess eating and then Christmas starts in full force with shopping, candy cane eating, and SANTA! I have always wondered who thought it would be a good idea for bulk shopping the day after Thanksgiving.. the bloat is real.

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But the best part about that is you can completely avoid the terrible fitting room experiences by hunkering down in front of your computer and doing some diligent online shopping. Then your purchases take a few days to get here, and by then you have worked off a majority of your feast and everything looks way cuter.. trust me. 🙂

Photo Oct 26, 3 56 40 PM

The scariest part about online shopping though is there is a whole world out there, and even a dark web (avoid that). So to save you from the pains of regret, anger, and possible carpal tunnel syndrome, I will guide you through the best of the online sales you will ever need to see.


Gymshark – up to 70% off ALL of their inventory

Levi’s – 40% off sitewide & free shipping with code ‘INDIGO’ (ends 11/26)

Urban Outfitters – BOGO 50% off sitewide (ends 11/23)

Topshop -up to 50% off selected lines (ends 11/26)

Nasty Gal – 60% off everything

Once we get through cyber week in one piece I will also make sure I keep the deals a comin’ and get on my gift guides ASAP. I promise not to leave you hanging this holiday season and will be your go-to for the BEST. CHRISTMAS. EVER. You won’t even be able to go onto the internet and attempt to shop without thinking about my shining face.. you’re welcome.

Photo Oct 26, 3 55 31 PM

So anyway, Happy Thanksgiving again! Enjoy your time with family and have the best of weekends. 🙂 Shop, shop, shop my friends!

Xo, Ciera

Come SALE away with me

Come SALE away with me

Good morning, almost afternoon.. who knows what time I will actually get this post up so the best greeting is good day to you all!

Hopefully this 3-day weekend has been treating you right with lots of rest, food, and the pure joy of not having to go to work or school. For some reason I feel like I dread the beginning of the week even more when it follows a long weekend, so let me just say.. Tuesday, I am not looking forward to you. No hard feelings though. 🙂

So remember how last week I said I was busy but I swore I wouldn’t slack?? And then I proceeded to only get up one post last week.. 🙂 🙂 🙂 we are going to pretend that never happened and give this week a better go! I will get my sh*t together I promise. If you speak it out into the world it has to come true right? 😉

Well anyway, during the course of my babbling last week I mentioned that there were some bomb.com sales happening for the Labor Day weekend, and lucky for both of us they are still going on! Thank you 6 pound 8 ounce baby Jesus for keeping these sales alive and well. 🙂 Since I have to make up for a whole lot of lost time and missed blog posts, I am going to recap a bunch of my favorite sales going on right this very second. I will include a few of my favorite pieces from each sale and send you on your merry way! And because we are a little behind schedule here, there is no time to waste.. if you see something you want, do not set it free.. buy it now before the sales end by midweek!

Free People – Extra 40% off of SALE items

Steve Madden – 25% off select styles

Abercrombie & Fitch – 40% off sitewide

Urban Outfitters – Extra 30% off of SALE items

Express – 40% off sitewide

Happy shopping and happy Labor Day cutie pies!

Xo, Ciera

Yas QUEEN.. Get yo beauty on

Yas QUEEN.. Get yo beauty on

What’s up dear friends of mine,

This week is a special week around here. Not only did I start what may be my final year at UNR as a college student (I use the term ‘may be’ loosely because really I have no idea how much longer I have) yesterday, but there are a whole stinkin’ lot of sales this week/weekend and I would never let any of you miss out on a single one.. unless you don’t like dogs.. in that case, please pay full price. But in all seriousness ya girl has become majorly busy once again but it’s all in the name of education and fashion. And I promise you, my loyal fans 😉 that I will not leave you hangin’ this semester, and I will stay strong.

However before we really get into this post I have something very serious to discuss. It pains me to say this and I wish it didn’t have to come to this but… I used the picture from the last Sephora sale for my cover photo here. I am more upset than you are, but like I said, busy bee over here. Here’s the thing though, if any of you noticed, that makes me a photo repeater and you a photo rememberer(er-er?) So really that is just as bad! 😉 If you don’t understand my Lizzie McGuire Movie reference, please take the next hour and a half to learn yoself a few things about one of the greatest movies of my childhood.

Sorry sorry I am chatty right now. I think whenever I am in school my blogposts are a little lengthier since I spend 6 hours of my day discussing RNA transcription and explaining for the millionth time how a synapse works.. this is my place to let it fly free and talk about the good stuff.

Okay, anyway.. Back again for real now. As I was trying to say, this week is a time of wonder and excitement as all of the frequent shopper & labor day sales hit the world wide web. Number one on my list for this week is the Sephora Beauty Insider Event. Remember last Sephora sale when I think I blacked out and spent like every penny to my name on everything beauty? Well this sale is just as good, but ya girl’s pockets are a little but emptier. So since I am broke as a joke and wanting to eat this week, I’ve gotta be a little pickier with my choices and really get the goods. I’ve done my scouting and come up with the top 10 items I think you (and I) should get from this momentous sale.

Sale access began for Rogue members (20% off) on August 24th and opens to VIB (15% off) and Beauty Insider members (10% off)  tomorrow through September 3rd! You MUST be a Beauty Insider in some capacity to reap the rewards from the sale (it is super easy to sign up if you are not already on the list. Sign up here) And once you are in the clurrrrb you are good to go! Happy shopping. 🙂

Xo, Ciera