Yas QUEEN.. Get yo beauty on

Yas QUEEN.. Get yo beauty on

What’s up dear friends of mine,

This week is a special week around here. Not only did I start what may be my final year at UNR as a college student (I use the term ‘may be’ loosely because really I have no idea how much longer I have) yesterday, but there are a whole stinkin’ lot of sales this week/weekend and I would never let any of you miss out on a single one.. unless you don’t like dogs.. in that case, please pay full price. But in all seriousness ya girl has become majorly busy once again but it’s all in the name of education and fashion. And I promise you, my loyal fans πŸ˜‰ that I will not leave you hangin’ this semester, and I will stay strong.

However before we really get into this post I have something very serious to discuss. It pains me to say this and I wish it didn’t have to come to this but… I used the picture from the last Sephora sale for my cover photo here. I am more upset than you are, but like I said, busy bee over here. Here’s the thing though, if any of you noticed, that makes me a photo repeater and you a photo rememberer(er-er?) So really that is just as bad! πŸ˜‰ If you don’t understand my Lizzie McGuire Movie reference, please take the next hour and a half to learn yoself a few things about one of the greatest movies of my childhood.

Sorry sorry I am chatty right now. I think whenever I am in school my blogposts are a little lengthier since I spend 6 hours of my day discussing RNA transcription and explaining for the millionth time how a synapse works.. this is my place to let it fly free and talk about the good stuff.

Okay, anyway.. Back again for real now. As I was trying to say, this week is a time of wonder and excitement as all of the frequent shopper & labor day sales hit the world wide web. Number one on my list for this week is the Sephora Beauty Insider Event. Remember last Sephora sale when I think I blacked out and spent like every penny to my name on everything beauty? Well this sale is just as good, but ya girl’s pockets are a little but emptier. So since I am broke as a joke and wanting to eat this week, I’ve gotta be a little pickier with my choices and really get the goods. I’ve done my scouting and come up with the top 10 items I think you (and I) should get from this momentous sale.

Sale access began for Rogue members (20% off) on August 24th and opens to VIB (15% off) and Beauty Insider members (10% off)Β  tomorrow through September 3rd! You MUST be a Beauty Insider in some capacity to reap the rewards from the sale (it is super easy to sign up if you are not already on the list. Sign up here) And once you are in the clurrrrb you are good to go! Happy shopping. πŸ™‚

Xo, Ciera



Early bird gets the worm.. but that just ain’t you

Early bird gets the worm.. but that just ain’t you

Hi beautiful people,

As I type this I am currently struggling with my sassy nails I got put on yesterday, but I am trying my best. I’m just not used to the claws quite yet so typos are at an all time high around here.. that’s what the backspace button is for though, right? Welp anywhoooo such a wonderful Tuesday and another day that the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale continues to run strong.

Now if you haven’t shopped it yet, what exactly are you doing with your life? Living it incorrectly, that’s what. πŸ™‚ But really it is still trucking right along and you should jump on the #Nsale train and buy yourself something good. There is indeed bad news though regarding the sale because the good stuff only lasts so long.. and of course my top picks are long gone.

I got my big shipment (and by big I mean a legit 25 pound box..) yesterday, and after 45 minutes of trying on, debating, and sweating profusely, I finally decided what I was keeping and what was headed back. I still have a ‘maybe’ pile tbh but making a decision is difficult.. commitment is hard. But with that being said I was planning to write a blogpost all about my faves that you should snag before they are gone… and then I looked online at Nordstrom and most all of them are sold out.

So ya know, that kinda shot my plan down, but then I decided I would do a blogpost all about similar items to those that have sold out in the sale. Sometimes you just can’t get those few things out of your head, and it is almost painful that you allowed yourself to pass them up.. but I am here to help get you something close to what you really want. I am no miracle worker though so say the word ‘similar’ in your head a few times before looking at my picks. Kk here we go. πŸ™‚

So yeah, these bad boys are all sold out.. so here’s some bad boys that are close enough and just as cute to keep your heart happy.

If you dear friends happen to find anymore picks that are long gone but you still want, you just let me know.. and I will do some digging. Adios friends!

Xo, Ciera




Hi hi,

So I swear I had full intentions of publishing a blogpost yesterday about the Nordstrom Anniversary sale and my picks, and all that jazz.. but then life happened and I had a midterm, a puppers to pick up, and a car that decided to stop functioning. So needless to say (I don’t understand this phrase.. I am gonna say it anyway??), the blogpost did not quite happen yesterday and I apologize oh so dearly.

Buuuuut I was a very proactive young lady and did a WHOLE LOT of shopping at 2 am Friday morning just to find all of the best buys for you. πŸ™‚ So pretty much I did the leg work, and now all you need to do is fork over the cash, and all of the cuteness can be yours.

Shop my picks HERE – automatically updated as I favorite things in the sale. πŸ™‚ check back for new additions next week too.

There are a few hiccups so far regarding the sale – my linking process, as well as the shopping in general so we will chat about those real quick. First off, the Nordstrom site crashed yesterday and is still two seconds away from another mental breakdown, but it is trying its best. There is a ton of traffic on the site so be patient and don’t refresh the same page 17 times (not speaking from experience or anything). Nordstrom did a wonderful job of getting the site back up and hopefully they have the kinks worked out for next week when the sale opens to non-cardholders.

Second, since this sale is a huge opportunity for bloggers and fashion lovers alike, the website that ultimately helps us link things also crashed and was running on fumes by 7 yesterday morning. It is also back up and functioning, but it did hinder my linking process just a lil bit (pretty much just meaning, some of the colors linked incorrectly or the page takes a little bit of extra time to refresh)

Third and final issue… a ton of stuff has already sold out.. like a lot. There were 55 pages of items in the women category at midnight when the sale opened and now it’s down to about 50.. please do not ask me how or why I know these numbers.. I just do. With that being said, the way the sale is set up is things get restocked throughout the week and then there is a large restock on almost all things right before the sale goes public to everyone without a card too. There are no promises that something will be restocked, but it is wishful thinking.

So if you are a cardholder and haven’t shopped the sale yet, I would HIGHLY suggest it. If you are not a cardholder, then you should wait it out patiently and do a little bit of browsing and take a peek at the Early Access stuff. To shop my picks go to this page HEREΒ  which consists of everything from the sale I have purchased and/or think is a necessity in your closet. I would greatly appreciate your support in you shopping through my links as well. <3

I have already placed two orders and am patiently awaiting their arrival.. and I am hoping they get here before Friday so I can do a try-on for you all and see the shtuff in person. Anything for you cutie pies. Alsoooooooo I will be up all night next week when the sale opens to the public to get the updated, still in-stock items up on z blog. πŸ™‚ K get to shopping for real.

Xo, Ciera