A mini dress, a lotta sass

A mini dress, a lotta sass

Hi friends,

Happy Thursday! We have almost made it to the weekend and I would be lying if I told you I wasn’t maybe too excited to have this week coming to an end. I couldn’t even tell you why, but it has been a DOOZY. Not a bad doozy, but not really a good one either ya know? (Yeah, I don’t know what I mean either, so don’t feel too bad)

Photo Nov 10, 11 28 06 AM

Dress | Turtleneck | Bodysuit | Booties (similar) | Booties (similar)


I am just gonna put it out there right now also that my brain is functioning at about 6% capacity and cognitive abilities are at an all time low. So I think it would be safer, kinder, and overall better for everyone if this post is mostly pictures. They’re worth 1000 words anyway right? That’s wayyyyy more words than I would want to type even with a noodle running on all cylinders. Okay okay, I promise I will stop using different terms for my brain and get on with it.

Photo Nov 10, 11 28 00 AMPhoto Nov 10, 11 27 47 AM

Today is all about that holiday wear. I know Thanksgiving is closing in on us.. it’s a week from today in case you forgot.. and you may have already chosen the stretchiest pants and most stain-resistant shirt you can find to wear for the big day. BUT if you have procrastinated your clothing choice or are just looking for something cute to wear for all of the events in the upcoming holiday season, look no further. I am not kidding, do not exit and do not look away, I am about to get helpful up in here.

I already know that this post is gonna be one that I look back on and think, “Ciera, why are you the way that you are?” But it’s a gosh dang risk I am willing to take.

Photo Nov 10, 11 27 09 AMPhoto Nov 10, 11 27 12 AM

For those of us with jam-packed social calendars during the holiday season, it can be real hard to find the perfect outfit to fit the different events you are required to attend.Β  (looking at you, because I am most definitely not referring to myself.. invite me to some parties people, I have cute outfits!!!) Whether it is the company holiday party or friendsgiving out with the gals, you need something that says “I make the holiday season look damn good, honey.”

Photo Nov 10, 11 27 54 AM

Okay, I really wasn’t kidding, my brain is incapable of forming coherent sentences at this point, so please enjoy this collection of dresses, jumpsuits and rompers that are perfect for the holiday season. I hope you enjoy. πŸ™‚

Don’t let me down now, and be sure to make the most of these next couple months, because red, sequins, and velvet when styled all together won’t be allowed come February.. and I will hold you to that. πŸ˜‰

We are just getting started with the holiday content, so buckle up and get ready to celebrate and gift in style!! Talk soon.

Xo, Ciera

Petition to make athleisure the new business casual

Petition to make athleisure the new business casual

Hey there,

Thanks for joining me again! Just going to give myself a quick pat on the back because this is the second post going up this week, and I done did the damn thing. This one is a good one too, because as my title clearly implies… who in the heckinbob doesn’t love a little athleisure wear (I’m currently trying to stay calm as my spell check so kindly underlines “athleisure” each and every time I type it – I’ll get through it, don’t worry). But as I was saying, life is better in leggings. You and I both know we can’t deny that.

Photo Nov 10, 10 40 37 AMPhoto Nov 10, 10 40 12 AM

I love me some jeans and a cute top, along with a dress and some thigh highs, just as much as the next gal, but I am here to make a confession – I, Ciera Farley, do not wear real pants at least 85% of the time. Now if you quote me on that, I will deny it, but it’s the truth. Most days I cannot be bothered to put on real pants, let alone pants at all?? But ya know, to go out in public, pants are more or less required (or is it more of a recommendation?) So my go-to is always the good ‘ol faithful.. LEGGINNNNSSS.

Photo Nov 10, 10 39 11 AM

Top | Jacket | Leggings | Shoes | Curling Iron


For one, they slide on much easier than a pair of jeans. I know I can’t be the only one that has at least a pair or two of jeans with ripped belt loops because they don’t pull up like they’re supposed to (it’s the jeans fault, not ours, I just know it). Second, they make the booty look real good. I mean girrrrllllll, you do not do 87 sets of squats and 45 hip thrusts while avoiding the gym creep for that backside to be covered up by some poorly fitting denim (while we are here I also just want to point out that quad workouts are just as important as glute exercises ;)). That’s not to say that all jeans fit poorly, because the right pair can really do wonders, but my next point is that you surely cannot attempt the bend & snap straight into the splits and then jump up and do some squats in those jeans you like so much… if you can, teach me your ways.

And by far the best part of rocking thems tight pants… you leave everyone wondering about your exercise status at all times. Did you just come from the gym? Probably not. Are you going to the gym later? Probably not. Do you even have a gym membership? Nope, never will. But honey, no one needs to know that. Your secret is safe with me. <3

Photo Nov 10, 10 39 07 AM

Now that I have made my case for the bottom half, I am here to defend the fact that athleisure looks cute just about any way you style it. So take this quick little styling journey with me here, because I am about to simplify the way you look comfy-cute. I would say close your eyes and really imagine it for me, but then you wouldn’t be able to read this and that kind of defeats the purpose.

Please enjoy these photos of me showing you just how functional this look can be also. πŸ˜‰

Alright, back to it..

So imagine your favorite outfit for a night out in November, the one with your dark wash or black denim and the top that makes your collarbones look good (other girls care about that, right? Nope, just me again. Great :)), and the shoes that make your calves look like you raised the roof with them. Okay, now that you have the image in your head… restart entirely. Just kidding. A few quick swaps and we are there, swearsies.

Swap out those jeans for some simple black/navy/gray leggings (Aligns from Lululemon are life-changing). Trade the blouse for a cropped tank or cozy sweatshirt. Throw on a fuzzy jacket or go fancy with leatherrrrrrr. And then take off those heels because we both know they were gonna hurt you anyway and throw on some casual sneakers. Toss on a hat if you want and you are so beyond good to go, it’s crazy!!

Photo Nov 10, 10 40 41 AM

Here are some of my faves from my recent online browsings to get you started on the perfect athleisure look πŸ™‚

Stay comfy out there, my friends. And ALWAYS remember, pants are not necessary… just a VERY strong suggestion. πŸ˜‰ Until next time.

Xo, Ciera

Life as I know it

Life as I know it

Hi punkins,

As promised, here I am – back at it on the blog and trying my best to figure my s#!t out. πŸ™‚ Does it really make it better if I use a hashtag and exclamation point in place of an h and i?? We all know what I mean and we are even more aware that I have a potty mouth, so who I am really trying to fool here, right? If you were previously unaware though, I cuss like a sailor… and I am not even gonna apologize to my mom and grandmother, because I think they were the ones that provided me with such an expansive, explicit vocabulary.

Anyway, there’s a point to my rambling today. I kinda thought it would be a little weird to just hop back into things without an update as to what I have been up to for the past 7 months.. yes, it has been that long, you don’t need to check. πŸ˜‰ so today’s post is pretty much just a recap of all of the happenings from that time frame. And for those of you that already know all of this, sorry I am a serial over-sharer and now you have to read about it all over again.Β And obviously just for kicks, I’m gonna link some cute things, because why not??

Photo Nov 09, 4 32 16 PM.jpg

Sweater | Denim Dress | Denim Dress (similar) | Boots


Okay, here goes.

I graduated college (kinda)… and by kinda I mean that I am still technically in two labs, but on December 16th I will officially be done with my undergrad. To all of those that gave me grad gifts, I swear I didn’t pull a fast one on ya, I did walk across the stage in May (inside might I add.. not in the quad.. shout out Marc Johnson, still mad at you), I just have a few measly credits to finish up this semester, and then I’m really donezoooooo!!!

I spent most of my summer serving beverages to Reno’s finest. I met some pretty cool people and some very interesting characters at the same time. I also now know pretty much everything you could ever want to know about golf carts, IPA’s, greyhounds (the drink, not the bus), and the timing of a round of golf. Quiz me, I dare you.

Photo Nov 09, 4 33 22 PMPhoto Nov 09, 4 32 54 PM

I worked pretty much every weekend, but when I did make my way out, I sure did have some fun. Honestly I think this may have been the most fun summer I have ever had. I was exhausted pretty much at all hours of the day, but the nights out and 2 am returns home were worth it (right Brittany? ;)) I also slept a lot.. but you’re only 22 once, so I needed to do T-Swift proud and really do it big this year. Also, on that note, I spent my 22nd birthday karaoke-ing to “22” by Taylor Swift, so it really could not have gotten much better than that.

You may not care about this part, but just a few humble brag moments because it’s the little things in life. πŸ™‚ I have adopted a very extensive skincare routine and can almost guarantee that I will not have a wrinkle before the age of 50 (Word to the wise – WEAR SOME SUNSCREEN DAMMIT). My credit score went up because I finally realized that racking up credit card debt was probably not the best way to spend my early 20’s. Aaaaand I signed up to take the GRE next month so I can apply to grad schools. So if I never report back on how I did, just assume it went terribly and send well wishes for my inevitable mental breakdown. πŸ™‚

Photo Nov 09, 4 31 44 PM

Moving on..

I spent a quick 46 hours in Las Vegas, and let me tell ya.. VEGAS WON. Not only did I lose each and every battle while there, I lost the gosh dang war too. It was fun though. I also made it to Huntington Beach with the family (probably one of my favorite places). This trip looked a lot different than the Vegas one, but fun nonetheless. Side note: I had to buy a brand new suitcase while there because I shopped so much (yikes).Β  I also realized on that trip that I want to live there, so if 15 of you want to split the rent for a studio apartment down there, hit a girl up. That’s the only way we are affording a living space in the California housing market, I promise you that.

Speaking of housing market, I am now the assistant to my dad for his real estate business. So if you are ever in need of someone to help you buy or sell a home in the Reno/Sparks area, shoot Jim an email at james.farley@bhhsdrysdale.com or visit his website (shameless plug right there) He knows his stuff and his assistant is top-notch. πŸ˜‰ Proud of you, padre!

But my Farley family assistant work does not stop there. I also have the great pleasure of being my brother’s subordinate at his engineering office. It is definitely not easy not calling him a douchewad every time he tells me to do something, but we are getting through it and being big kids while in the office. And while we are on the topic of Justin, and I am sure he is reading this part.. please propose to Hanna. <3

Photo Nov 09, 4 34 15 PM

K, back on track now.. I also spent the summer shoppingggggg. But the craziest part about working all of the time is that I didn’t have a lot of opportunities to wear all of my new purchases. For example, my employers probably would not have appreciated these cute new thigh-high boots, as if they would slow down my pace of work or something?? But anyway, I have a lot of cute clothes to share with you in the upcoming weeks, so I hope you enjoy.

Photo Nov 09, 4 31 47 PMPhoto Nov 09, 4 34 18 PM

I think that’s how I am gonna wrap it up for this post. My hands are cramping and this was a doozy in general.. and who doesn’t love an abrupt ending?? (Me, that’s who – but I am learning to pick my battles) I have a lot of new post ideas coming your way and I hope you love them. Thanks for reading friends.

Xo, Ciera