Denim, denim & more denim

Denim, denim & more denim

Hiya friends,

Back at it and enjoying the beginning of a new week. My days have been feeling longer, busier and somehow like I’ve been getting less done.. but in all honesty, I am busting my butt out here in school, blogging, gym, life, all of the above. I have been telling myself to do what I can and be happy with what I can get done instead of stressing about what I don’t get to. I have always had an issue of spreading myself a little thin and scheduling my whole life out, and of course when something went a little over the allotted time or not quite as planned.. my whole day was shot to hell. But I have adopted a new way of thinking, living, dressing and decided that not everything needs to be as difficult as I make it out to be.

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Now don’t get what I said twisted, I will never be able to let it all go, especially when it comes to looking cute. Don’t get me wrong, I roll out of bed onto campus somedays looking like I got dressed with my eyes closed and decided to plop my hair on top of my head in the worst way possible.. but I still like a simple little outfit to spice up my midweek wardrobe. And I am here to tell you that the best way to do this is to go full-on denim on denim.

Yes, I am actually telling you to double up on denim and not feel bad about it. Heck, you should be proud of the chic little moment given to all of the eyes you are gracing with your fashion-forwardness. There are a few rules to remember when rocking that Canadian tuxedo.

Rule #1- you cannot, should not, will not wear the same wash of denim all over your body. We are not going for a matching thing here, just like a complimentary look.

Rule #2- distressing isn’t your enemy but it also isn’t your friend. Treat distressing in this case as a subtle detail you can only incorporate to a certain extent. Too much distressing takes the look to a place of being a punk-rock cowboy, and I don’t think that is even a look.

Rule #3- play with fits and proportions. A tight pair of skinny jeans looks real cute with a baggier chambray top and boyfriend jeans pair well with a form fitting jean jacket.


Pretty much the moral of the story is that I actually think you should go full Britney Spears – Justin Timberlake circa 2000 and stock up on some excess denim. Here are my favorite looks to give you a head start on this task. 🙂

Remember, Britney isn’t the only one that can rock that all jean look, you can too! Hopefully you have the best day ever!! <3

Xo, Ciera


Let your hair down and live a little

Let your hair down and live a little

Hey hi whatcha doin,

Haps Thursday my pretties! One day closer to the weekend and actually getting a decent amount of sleep compared to the nightly 4-5 hours during the week. Huzzah! I cannot even tell you the amount of times I have yawned within the last 48 hours. I don’t even notice it anymore.. one second I am fully awake and then the next my mouth is wide open, one eye is closed, and I look like I’m waiting for someone to throw a gummy bear in my mouth while also closing my eye after squeezing lemon juice in it.. I just can’t win. If that didn’t paint a pretty picture of my yawning behavior, I don’t know what will.

But anywhoooo, for all of those wondering.. my hair is pink. And not like a 7th grade emo vibe with bangs all the way across my face and me saying ‘rawr :D’ a lot, but instead like a cute little rose gold pinkish tint. I am sure my pink hair means nothing to most of you, but the temporary tint on my hair is a segway into me telling you that it is time to change up your boring hair routine. I also get stuck in a hair rut once in awhile when my hair has the same curl going for 4 days or so (may also be because I don’t wash my hair very often, but don’t judge me). Ya know that week when your hair looks like it hasn’t seen a shower, blowdry or other heat tool in ages? Well I am here to help you out and give your hair a little pizazz.


The best part about hair is that it grows back. I am going to say that one more time for those in the back, front, and middle that chose not to listen.. HAIR GROWS BACK. I really am the least attached to my hair when it comes to getting beautified. I mean in physical terms, yes my hair is very attached to me, but metaphorically I could do anything to it and remember that I can try again next time. You could dye your hair dark brown, hate it, (wait a safe 6-8 weeks to not fry it off) and add in some highlights to get you on your way back to blonde. You could chop off 12 inches and hate it the next day, but the good news is that extensions are a thing or crazy concept here… HAIR GROWS BACK. Anyway, our hair deserves some tender love and affection and a little bit of newness if I do say so myself, so here I am with my hair favorites to spice up your hair life. 🙂

  1. Plastic twirly twirl hairties – clearly not the technical term, but Invisibobble hairties have saved my gosh dang life. They don’t leave creases in your hair and I loveeee that you cant see them when up in a bun. Disclaimer: they are like all other objects you put in your hair, if you aggressively pull them out they will rip your hair.. that’s user error. 🙂 Also, they do stretch pretty quick but last forever. 
  2. Kristen Ess Rose Gold Tint – this is the stuff that is in my hair to make it pink. Ya know when you just have those days where you feel like you want a quick changeup that won’t haunt you for the rest of your life? Try this stuff out for a fun pastel look. Disclaimer: it does turn your bathtub pink, but there ain’t nothing a magic eraser can’t clean up.                                                                     
  3. Hair accessories – I am pretty sure I have mentioned these about 68392 times in the past month or so, but I guess I am really passionate about hair accesorization. There is nothing easier than throwing on a bandana as a headband or adding a bow to pretty pretty braid.                                                                        
  4. Hair masks – Do NOT overlook a conditioning treatment for your hair. Just living in this cruel world is harsh on your hair, so you need to give it the love it deserves. Split ends will never be in style, so take care of em now!                      
  5. Trim your gosh dang hair – this isn’t a product, just a suggestion.. I also used to be that person that went in and asked for 0.005 millimeters to be trimmed and was very upset when it looked closer to 0.006 mm gone. Freshly cut hair is healthy hair, so take off an inch or so and your hair will thank you.

That was a lot of hair talk, and even the word ‘hair’ now doesn’t seem like a real word.. but it is, and it’s also a real thing so take care of it! Until next time!

Xo, Ciera

Jump on it

Jump on it

Hi boo boos,

Who knows what name I am going to call you all week-to-week.. it’s just kinda what ever comes in to my brain first gets written out, and this week it is boo boos. You’re welcome. So everyone rewind to last week when I was very excited about setting a date for graduation next spring? Fast forward just a little bit to Saturday when my sudden intense panic attack came on about the fact that I may be graduating, but I have no idea what to do in the real world, and what if I suck at it and all of that? So needless to say I stressed myself out immensely last weekend, but I think I am a pretty smart gal and will be able to figure life out as I need to. Any words of encouragement would also be great though. <3

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Shop the post – 

With that being said, the best way to destress myself is with a lot of retail therapy. Minor issue when you’ve got no cash money, but I decided to make due with what I got. During my browsing I decided to go with pieces that would already fit with things I had in my closet so I wasn’t creating entirely new looks.. what a concept, right? (If only I would have practiced this concept the last 21 years)

Photo Aug 06, 3 06 38 PMPhoto Aug 06, 3 07 24 PMPhoto Aug 06, 3 07 23 PM

But anyway, ya know I keep up with the trends and stuff as much as I can, so I decided that I was going to base a bunch of my fall outfits around jumpers. A jumper is that cute little overall-skirt-dress lookin thing and let me tell you, it looks absolutely adorable with tights and booties once its cold. Jumpers are just so chic to me and you don’t even have to wear pants.. major bonus. I love styling a jumper with a crop tube top and some fun shoes in the summer and then taking it into fall and winter with a waffle-knit turtleneck and some booties. The point of my rambling is to say that I think a jumper should be a fun staple in your closet for the upcoming cold season, and here to back me up on this claim are a couple of my favorites. 🙂

Well friends, jump on it and get yourself a jumper to be the trendiest girl this fall & winter.

Xo, Ciera