I like it like thattttt

I like it like thattttt

Hey honey pie sweet bottoms,

The sun is shining, I am covered in dirt from the marina, and Oakley is soaking wet while passed out on my bed.. so no better time to write a blogpost than now. And of course today’s post is all about my current faves so you are in for a real treat.

Lately I have been trying to change up my products and try new things instead of sticking with the exact routine every time just so I can tell you all about the hippest and happenin’. I figure it is my civic duty to spend my money on the trends so I can save you some time and money by leading you in the right direction. You can thank me now or later, your choice. ๐Ÿ˜‰ but really, hopefully these blogposts give you some ideas of the things you absolutely need and the ones you can most likely skip.

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Photos by Ashlyn Lee

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Alsoooooo I don’t really believe in negative reviews on my blog because that is no good for anyone so don’t expect me to tell you a list of things you shouldn’t try, but instead the best of the best things you SHOULD try. Okay, I will get off my soapbox now.. just had to give a quick little spiel (and let us all laugh at the fact that up until now I thought that ‘spiel’ was spelled ‘schpeel’… close)

Now onto the favorites, so here we go!

Number one – Bio oil is where it’s at. It heals all wounds, probably contains unicorn tears and locks of angel hair to make it work so well.. but to be honest it is the best moisturizer/skin healer known to mankind. This stuff has made my battle scars disappear.

Number two – the CUTEST pink suede hat you will ever see. My mom and I are on the constant hunt for cute Dodgers hats and I think this one officially tops the list. They also have it for the Yankees, but no one really likes them anyway.

Number three – Watermelon glow mask… I am the biggest fan of watermelon you will ever meet so I may be biased, but this stuff is top notch. Ever since I started Accutane my face has been dryer than the overcooked chicken Brittany and I attempt every week, but this mask has saved my life. It leaves your skin real glowy and smells so good you could eat it.. I wouldn’t do that though.

I hope you loved this week’s installment once again. Until next time. <3

Xo, Ciera


Dad bod not required, but recommended

Dad bod not required, but recommended

Hi friends,

I woke up in a panic today realizing that not only had I not gotten anything for my father dearest for Father’s Day, but I also hadn’t given you guys any ideas for what to give your padre.. how rude of me, I know. But the good news is that there are still 5 days until the big day so last minute shopping is in full effect. And before I even start this I would like to point out that grillin’ spatulas, ties, and homemade bookmarks are all great gifts, but we are going high class around here because my father would expect no less.

Now sometimes I wonder why there is not a daughter’s day.. I am a wonderful daughter, I should be rewarded. But then I realize that dads get their own special day because they have spent 18 years providing places to live, food to eat, and dad jokes to laugh at. Now moms are wonderful at back-scratching, making chicken enchiladas, taking their daughters on countless shopping trips to Ross, and helping pick out the perfect prom dress (or maybe that’s just my mom, she’s pretty great). But this post is about the big poppas out there holding it down for the fam. Where dads may lack in maternal instincts and the ability to hang dry their dau clothes after countless times of telling them they get ruined in the dryer.. they make up for it by saying yes when mom says no, commenting on how ripped your jeans are and asking where the rest of your skirt went, and even killing small, life-threatening insects and rodents.

If it weren’t for the whitey-white skin, huge quads, and sarcastic manner, we may never be sure that Jimmy boy is my dad. But lucky for me Jimbo is the best bodyguard, ATM and Cabo club dance partner all wrapped up into one (see video below) daddy-o. So ya know I won’t really get too sappy about him, but I do love the big fella and he may even grace us with his presence for a blogpost later this week.

All of this was the longest intro ever into a gift guide for your pops, so sorry I got a little wordy today. Enjoy this gift guide, buy some gifts and hope that dad subtracts the gift from the running tab of everything you owe him throughout the years.

Have the best of evenings and we shall chat tomorrow.

Xo, Ciera

Scottsdale favesss

Scottsdale favesss

Hey there,

Another post about Scottsdale won’t kill ya and maybe you even want to hear all about my trip 263632 different ways.. or maybe you don’t want to hear it at all. Either way, I’m tellin’ it. Now today’s post is of course about my favorite things that were either already in Scottsdale or brought there in my handy dandy suitcase that I could not have made it through the trip without. This list really has no rhyme or reason.. there could be restaurants, dogs, sunscreens, WHO KNOWS (well I know, you’re about to find out though) THE POSSIBILITES ARE ENDLESS!! So we are going to get right into it!

  1. Barrio Queen – the yummiest of Mexican food restaurants with the whole shebang from enchiladas to street tacos. The guac with pomegranate seeds in it is swoon-worthy let me tell ya. And don’t leave without buying one of their cute shirts!
  2. Supergoop Unseen Sunscreen – if I could dream up the perfect sunscreen, it would be something that doesn’t turn my face white, not too thick, and SPF 30 or higher.. and that’s exactly what this guy does. It goes on clear, rubs in super easily and doesn’t clog your pores. My prayers have been answered!
  3. The dog at True Food Kitchen – it is very unlikely you will ever see him there because he was just some restaurant-goer’s dog, but just know he was the sweetest pupper. He put his head in my lap and just laid there. Best friends. <3 (sorry I can’t remember your name big guy, but if you’re reading this, ILY)
  4. My sunhat – Nowadays I am kinda like Howie in the Benchwarmers.. SUN BAD, it’s a monster, all that sort of stuff. But for real, I burn and peel like a lobster on my body but I always always always keep my face extra protected with a good hat. See photo here of me always paparazzi ready!IMG_5329
  5. Mint lemonade – they just so happened to have this at the Phoenician, the hotel we stayed at, but I am sure you could probably make it anywhere. Actually completely positive you could make it elsewhere because it was literally just some crushed up mint in lemonade.. still real good though.
  6. The bread at Dominick’s – I am not sure what they put in that stuff to make it so good, but it is heavenly. The parmesan roll thing is a cheesy dough of goodness and I think my stomach hit capacity when I ate 10 of them. Side note: they also have zots at Dominick’s which took me all the way back to mine and Brittany’s 7th grade mall days.
  7. The bikes at the Phoenician – these were my gift from heaven I am sure of it. The hotel provided bikes which guests could ride for 2 hours for free. It made it so much easier to get around town when the boys left us stranded at the hotel and saved me from the hell that is walking 2 miles in 100 degree heat to Starbucks.

And that’s about all I can think of for now. Maybe I will think of some other things and put it in next week’s post to really drag this thing out.. but probably not. Bye byeeeee!

Xo, Ciera