FAVORITE.. that’s it

FAVORITE.. that’s it

Hi again,

Yupp, I am here on the blog two times in one week.. just like the good old days. I am hoping to get back at it with multiple posts a week, but it takes a lot more work than you might think. And surprisingly enough my body and brain needs sleep, so I won’t make any promises that anything will FOR SURE happen (because I don’t wanna let ya down) and we will just hope for the best. 🙂

So we all know that any girl’s night is pretty much incomplete without a couple of face masks and some popcorn, right? Well I have decided to have my own girl’s night once or twice a week.. but by myself because I also like to binge watch TV while I do it. It has done sooo much for my life in general. There really is nothing quite like taking a little break from everything else in life and slapping some mud on your face during a teeth whitening treatment. And since I have been oh so happy since throwing this activity in my routine, I will share some of my favorites with you to give you the best chance for pure joy and relaxation.

  1. GlamGlow Bubble Sheet Mask – this mask is terrifying on your face, I wont deny that. I would say I looked similar to Christoff’s rock family in Frozen, but kinda saggier. However the good thing is that this mask cleans out pores soooo well and makes your face smooth and glowy right after.                                   
  2. Love Island on Hulu – it is my guilty pleasure show that I just cannot quit. It’s pretty much the UK version of a trashier (for lack of a better word) Bachelor in Paradise mixed with every reality show to be on MTV. I really enjoy their accents and the show kills me. You will probably hate it at first, but its a real good binge. Also UK TV shows have like 7326648 episodes in a season, so be prepared to be in for a long one.
  3. IGK Hydrating Hair Balm – I don’t understand its magical ways, but just know that this balm left my hair with zero frizz and kept it straight for more than 2 days. My hair was smooth and silky and the flat iron glided right over it and I loved it and yeah I think that was the longest run on sentence ever, but everything I needed to say about it.                                                                                             

Take some time to relax, throw on a face mask, and make that hair silky girlfriend. You deserve it, you beauty queen.

Xo, Ciera

Check, please!

Check, please!

Hey boo boos,

Guess what!! Today’s post is my 100th one to hit the blog! That is truly so so wild to me. I have almost had the blog up and running for a year now too, which is even crazier if you ask me! I was thinking I was going to go big for my 100th post, but them realized that my 1 year post would be shortly behind it, so I figured that the November 7th post will be  a big ol celebration instead.. like with cake and balloons or something.. that you will have to buy for yourself and eat in the comfort of your own home. Sounds fun, right?

Photo Sep 11, 5 58 00 PMPhoto Sep 11, 6 00 32 PM

Photos by Ashlyn Moreno


I kinda really wanted to do the thing you do in elementary school for your 100th day of school and dress up as 100 year-old geezers, but my nursing home outfit is in the wash.. So since today is like any other day, I have a fashion post right here for ya filled with a super cute trend this season. Drumroll please…. that trend is checkers, gingham, black and white boxes things. Whatever you wanna call it, I’ll roll with it.

Photo Sep 11, 5 56 35 PMPhoto Sep 11, 5 55 21 PM

Fall patterns are my favoriteeeee compared to any other season. I bet you never really thought about it, but there are certain popular patterns depending on the season, and leave-falling season is no different. In winter you’ll see snowflakes & stars, spring is florals & stripes, summer goes to palm leaves and polka dots, and fall brings us to checkers & leopard. So now that you have that little tidbit of knowledge (don’t ever say I never taught you anything) and you already know that I love leopard more than anyone ever should, let’s chat about why those teeny tiny squares are so chic right about now.

Photo Sep 11, 5 57 54 PM

So gingham makes you look like you’re having a 60’s disco party, but still like you know what fashion is. The pattern is fun, can be dressed up or down, looks cute mixed with other patterns (ESPECIALLY LEOPARD), and it’s something that only the brave truly embrace. Also, if you go for the black & white vibe, it kinda makes you look like an old man out golfing with his mates, but in a good way??

Needless to say, check check check it out. 🙂

Have a wonderful Wednesday and much love to you all. <3

Xo, Ciera

Business in the front, party everywhere else

Business in the front, party everywhere else

Hi friends!

Happy Thursday! I am so sorry I have been M.I.A the past two weeks (yes, it’s been that long). It was midterms week last week and time got away from me. On weeks like the last it seems like the only time I actually get without having anything to do should be used for sleeping so I don’t die a slow death from exhaustion. But don’t you worry, shnookums, I am back at it and will have loads of fall/winter content coming your way. Also just a fun fact for you, I have not been to the pumpkin patch even once this year, so I will be formally filing complaints to anyone and everyone who will listen. 🙂


K, back on track now. I have had a very bad habit of late night shopping lately.. like I’ve woken up to order confirmations that I don’t remember placing. I am not complaining because clearly my half-asleep subconscious has very good taste; however, my half-asleep subconscious is not as great with the monetary side of things. I’m swimming in money in my dreams, trust me.

Photo-Sep-30-2-15-44-AM.jpgPhoto Sep 30, 2 16 43 AM

But the weirdest part is that my sleep-shopping is even trendier than my normal shopping. Like somehow everything that I decide in the daylight hours that would never work for me, magically works out in my head past 10 pm. Anyway, the point of this rant is that I actually ended up with a super cute blazer that I never once thought I needed. With that being said, it was real dang cute and now I think you should all get real drowsy and buy your own. 🙂


Photography by Hanna.. always catching me at my best.


Blazers are normally relegated to workwear attire, but I am here to tell you that they can be worn any way you please honeyyyyyy. Wear em with shorts, jeans, heels, booties, workout pants (okay, not workout pants.. I got ahead of myself), crop tops, your hair up, red lipstick.. I don’t know, anything?! and they will look so dang cute. A blazer is pretty much like the perfect chic, sassy addition to any outfit right about now. Check out some of my favorites here!

So with all of that being said, I am going to go take a nap and probably spend my life savings during the process. Talk soon.

Xo, Ciera