I am so very excited to finally be opening up this page on The Devil Wears Rompers. I love love love pups & kitties (even if they make me itch), and I wanted to dedicate this page to helping out the ones who don’t have a home or are in need of some love. This page will be dedicated to mostly dogs, and some cats that are looking for a home. All of the animals on this page can be found at the Nevada Humane Society, as well as being linked to their online profile on this page. Animals deserve love, and the humane society needs loving people like you to take these babies in. This page will be updated every other Friday with two-three lovable cuties. Their donation page is also linked here: Nevada Humane Society

**If you are ever interested in adopting these dogs, please let me know. I will personally cover the adoption fee, because all of these babies need homes.**

May 5th

WILLIE MAYS HERE.. not selling Oxy Clean, but being a cute booger. An older gentleman in need of love & affection.

Willie Mays 5-5

Next is Cheeky girl, who is a little bit on the older side, but has the prettiest eyes and biggest heart.

Cheeky 5-5

And finishing today out is Priscilla. She’s got a lil crazy in her eyes, but in the most adorable ‘take me home’ kind of way.

Priscilla 5-5

March 16th

The first lovely lady on our list is Tiva. a middle aged pup looking for some love, and clearly a lover of neon green accessories.

Tiva 3-16

Next is Sammy, an older lad who just needs a good belly rub and a few mid-day naps to be content. The prettiest of smiles as well!

Sammy 3-16

And last but not least, we have Slugbug. She is new to the humane society, but one heck of a toy gal and loves herself a good nap.

Slugbug 3-16

March 2nd

Starting today off is Chip. He is an older gentleman looking for some love and a warm lap or blankie to cuddle up on.

Chip 3-2

Second is Bella. A pretty fawn pittie after my own heart. A little shy, but just looking for a patient person that she can warm up to.

Bella 3-2

And finishing up today’s picks would be Lisa. A face only a mother can love with that crazy smile, but she’s high energy and a wild child.

Lisa 3-2

February 16th

First up is miss Princess. She may be an old broad, but she is looking for love as a 9 year old lady that is still young at heart.

Princess 2-16

Then we have Ace. He could use some good cardio and maybe only 5 treats a day, but he is a chunk-a-hunk of burning love.

Ace 2-16

And rounding out today is Racetrack. He is only 6 months old, so a little wild at heart, but apparently he can dance like no other.

Racetrack 2-16

If I could adopt all of these pups myself, trust me I would. But pretty please give them some loves if you can.

Xo, Ciera