What’s mine is yours, honey buns

What’s mine is yours, honey buns


And by that statement in my title, I mean, my favorites may also be yours.. you can’t actually have all of my stuff guys. But welcome to the second installment of A Few of My Favorite Things. 😊

And the reason for the adorable featured image, Oakley is most definitely one of my favorite things. 😍

I had what I thought was a grand idea to do a “green” favorite things post since St. Patty’s Day is this weekend.. and then I realized.. I own like two green things.. but mama didn’t raise no quitter, so I searched and found some green items (and one pink) to add to my favorite things, and let me tell ya, they are some good ones.

Now I know the hat kinda sorta looks black, but I swear it’s not.. I just don’t know how to take a picture to save my life. (Insert concerned crying laughing face here)

So let’s start with the hat.. an Adidas army green beauty, that makes all of my second and third day hair dreams come true. This hat is a women’s fit, so it actually fits this noggin of mine, and adjusts easily. Major love and heart eyes.

Next is the Lululemon Energy Bra. I showed you the front, and the model is workin that back. Love this ‘bleached coral’ color almost too much. Just enough support to keep the girls at bay and avoid a black eye, but also cute enough to not be a grandma bra.. no offense, Grandma.

And ending out the day is the Mario Badescu cucumber, aloe & green tea facial spray. I am convinced this stuff is a spa in a bottle. Smells so good and makes your face super refreshed. Mine is very well loved and half used since I spray spray spray this stuff at all hours of the day. (Be sure to close your mouth when spraying.. doesn’t taste as good as it smells, learned that the hard way)

That’s all I have got for today. I appreciate you all immensely. ❤️

Xo, Ciera

Might as well buy it

Might as well buy it


Hello again dear avid readers,

I was going to title this post “What is in my bag”.. shopping bag that is, but I was concerned people would skim past it, thinking it was a post all about what is in my purse. And let me tell ya, the contents of my purse are not exciting. So I really want to discuss what is in my shopping bag/cart in some of my favorite online shops. After this post, I hope it will inspire you to add them to your cart as well, and once it’s there… well, might as well buy it.

Now I think today I am going to keep the writing to a minimum and mostly show pictures, but don’t hold me to that, please and thanks! I have a terrible habit of going through my favorite online retailers frequently and adding 67398 items to my cart, only to realize later that I have no possible way to afford all of these things (like I didn’t already know I couldn’t pay for them in the first place, ha). And then the worst thing happens when I get the dreaded email that says “Looks like you forgot something” from each store.. but no, I haven’t forgotten, I think about the 6 pairs of shoes, 3 dresses, and bathing suit every hour of the day!!!!! So this post is all about the things I’m barely surviving without, and will immediately purchase once I get a large influx of cash.

Whats in my bag 1


Whats in my bag 2.jpg

Whats in my bag 4

Whats in my bag 3

whats in my bag 5

whats in my bag 6

whats in my bag 7

whats in my bag 8

whats in my bag 9

whats in my bag 10

whats in my bag 11

If you could all like not buy everything in my size though, that would be great, since I would still like to purchase all of this myself.. 😉 just kidding, buy it all up, unless its a size small or 27 as the last one, then it’s mine.. just kidding again. Kay, I will stop talking now. Happy Tuesday, see ya Thursday!

Xo, Ciera