Life as I know it

Life as I know it

Hi punkins,

As promised, here I am – back at it on the blog and trying my best to figure my s#!t out. 🙂 Does it really make it better if I use a hashtag and exclamation point in place of an h and i?? We all know what I mean and we are even more aware that I have a potty mouth, so who I am really trying to fool here, right? If you were previously unaware though, I cuss like a sailor… and I am not even gonna apologize to my mom and grandmother, because I think they were the ones that provided me with such an expansive, explicit vocabulary.

Anyway, there’s a point to my rambling today. I kinda thought it would be a little weird to just hop back into things without an update as to what I have been up to for the past 7 months.. yes, it has been that long, you don’t need to check. 😉 so today’s post is pretty much just a recap of all of the happenings from that time frame. And for those of you that already know all of this, sorry I am a serial over-sharer and now you have to read about it all over again. And obviously just for kicks, I’m gonna link some cute things, because why not??

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Sweater | Denim Dress | Denim Dress (similar) | Boots


Okay, here goes.

I graduated college (kinda)… and by kinda I mean that I am still technically in two labs, but on December 16th I will officially be done with my undergrad. To all of those that gave me grad gifts, I swear I didn’t pull a fast one on ya, I did walk across the stage in May (inside might I add.. not in the quad.. shout out Marc Johnson, still mad at you), I just have a few measly credits to finish up this semester, and then I’m really donezoooooo!!!

I spent most of my summer serving beverages to Reno’s finest. I met some pretty cool people and some very interesting characters at the same time. I also now know pretty much everything you could ever want to know about golf carts, IPA’s, greyhounds (the drink, not the bus), and the timing of a round of golf. Quiz me, I dare you.

Photo Nov 09, 4 33 22 PMPhoto Nov 09, 4 32 54 PM

I worked pretty much every weekend, but when I did make my way out, I sure did have some fun. Honestly I think this may have been the most fun summer I have ever had. I was exhausted pretty much at all hours of the day, but the nights out and 2 am returns home were worth it (right Brittany? ;)) I also slept a lot.. but you’re only 22 once, so I needed to do T-Swift proud and really do it big this year. Also, on that note, I spent my 22nd birthday karaoke-ing to “22” by Taylor Swift, so it really could not have gotten much better than that.

You may not care about this part, but just a few humble brag moments because it’s the little things in life. 🙂 I have adopted a very extensive skincare routine and can almost guarantee that I will not have a wrinkle before the age of 50 (Word to the wise – WEAR SOME SUNSCREEN DAMMIT). My credit score went up because I finally realized that racking up credit card debt was probably not the best way to spend my early 20’s. Aaaaand I signed up to take the GRE next month so I can apply to grad schools. So if I never report back on how I did, just assume it went terribly and send well wishes for my inevitable mental breakdown. 🙂

Photo Nov 09, 4 31 44 PM

Moving on..

I spent a quick 46 hours in Las Vegas, and let me tell ya.. VEGAS WON. Not only did I lose each and every battle while there, I lost the gosh dang war too. It was fun though. I also made it to Huntington Beach with the family (probably one of my favorite places). This trip looked a lot different than the Vegas one, but fun nonetheless. Side note: I had to buy a brand new suitcase while there because I shopped so much (yikes).  I also realized on that trip that I want to live there, so if 15 of you want to split the rent for a studio apartment down there, hit a girl up. That’s the only way we are affording a living space in the California housing market, I promise you that.

Speaking of housing market, I am now the assistant to my dad for his real estate business. So if you are ever in need of someone to help you buy or sell a home in the Reno/Sparks area, shoot Jim an email at or visit his website (shameless plug right there) He knows his stuff and his assistant is top-notch. 😉 Proud of you, padre!

But my Farley family assistant work does not stop there. I also have the great pleasure of being my brother’s subordinate at his engineering office. It is definitely not easy not calling him a douchewad every time he tells me to do something, but we are getting through it and being big kids while in the office. And while we are on the topic of Justin, and I am sure he is reading this part.. please propose to Hanna. <3

Photo Nov 09, 4 34 15 PM

K, back on track now.. I also spent the summer shoppingggggg. But the craziest part about working all of the time is that I didn’t have a lot of opportunities to wear all of my new purchases. For example, my employers probably would not have appreciated these cute new thigh-high boots, as if they would slow down my pace of work or something?? But anyway, I have a lot of cute clothes to share with you in the upcoming weeks, so I hope you enjoy.

Photo Nov 09, 4 31 47 PMPhoto Nov 09, 4 34 18 PM

I think that’s how I am gonna wrap it up for this post. My hands are cramping and this was a doozy in general.. and who doesn’t love an abrupt ending?? (Me, that’s who – but I am learning to pick my battles) I have a lot of new post ideas coming your way and I hope you love them. Thanks for reading friends.

Xo, Ciera

Bootie bootie bootie boot rockin’ everywhere

Bootie bootie bootie boot rockin’ everywhere

Hi loves,

I was going  to say happy Wednesday, but I don’t think it’s Wednesday and I am now realizing that I am not really sure what day it is at all.. don’t worry, I will figure it out. Anyway, I have been getting requests lately for specific blogposts, and I am here to tell you to keep them coming. My brain goes dark at times and legit chooses to replay Hannah Montana songs instead of processing actual information and thinking of new ideas. So with that being said, if there is ever a product you want to try but want someone else to do it first, have a new workout that looks terribly terrifying but kinda cool, or a specific look or item that you are searching for, send it my way and I will do the heavy lifting for you. 🙂 that is literally what my blog is here for.. helping you and I live our lives just a little bit better, and with a lotta bit better of a wardrobe.

Here we go on the real post though, which per your request, I am going to be rounding up the cutest fall/winter boots and booties that will complete your closet and maybe even your life. Really I am not sure if they will be that life-changing, but a girl can dream.

For me, this time of year brings its own specific subset of challenges, and they all seem to boil down to my shoe choices. As a girl who wears running shoes, Birkenstocks, and Vans 99.7% of the time, I sure do have a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that canvas shoes are not snow boots no matter how hard I try.. But I am a quick learner, so I know after the first rainstorm that it is probably time to move onto some new footwear and hang up my Birks to dry for the winter.

The good news about boots & booties is that not only do they look so much cuter than other shoes with fall outfits, they are also the perfect disguise to hide 2 pairs of  fuzzy Christmas socks and a ratchet pedicure that should have been filled months ago. The main thing I am trying to get at here, is that you should really get yourself a good pair of boots or two to survive the cold. I would suggest some neutrals, but I have never been one to turn down a statement shoe, so you do you boo. Here are the ones I like, and I hope you like them too. 🙂



Also exciting news regarding styling and personal shopping coming next week, so be on the lookout. Have the best day, whatever day it is friends. <3

Xo, Ciera

You’re hot then you’re cold

You’re hot then you’re cold

Hey there cutie pies,

In case you were wondering, the universe works in very crazy ways. It is baffling how coincidences seem to happen when you were never expecting them to, because the world around us has a way of working things out. I am not talking about the crazy way that you were just discussing how much you were craving tacos and then an ad popped up with a taco recipe moments later.. that’s the CIA or government or something working its magic. What I am talking about is how one door closes, another opens. It’s very cliché, but the other day I was turned down for my internship opportunity (sad face) for not having enough experience just yet and I was beating myself up about not doing this or that sooner.. but then a very different door opened with very different chances to make some more cash money by taking over some new fitness classes. It wasn’t exactly what I was looking for, but once it came my way I decided to seize the day and make the most of it. Okay, done with the sappiness and random factoids for now.. just decided you needed a quick life update.

Photo Sep 11, 5 18 07 PMPhoto Sep 11, 5 18 55 PMPhoto Sep 11, 5 21 24 PM

Shop the Post 

Photos by Ashlyn Moreno

Moving on, but kinda still on topic. I want to discuss how summer’s door has closed, while fall’s is only just beginning to open. I know I have been hyping fall up for plenty of days/weeks/months now, but I could not be more excited! The time has come to break out the booties, scarves and coats, and look real dang cute while doing it. The only downside is that it is still too warm outside to go full send on the fall attire.

I am not one of those gals that will sweat in a wool sweater for 6 hours in the name of fashion. I’ll take a couple pics with a light glistening of sweat or suffer through countless blisters, but you will not find me in a turtleneck unless it is gosh dang cold outside! And this reason exactly is why I love taking parts of my summer wardrobe into fall with me. Don’t toss those jean shorts just yet, or hide your tanks in the attic, I am here to tell you that they can be put to good use until the temps drop just a tad more.

Photo Sep 11, 5 19 09 PMPhoto Sep 11, 5 18 12 PM

When the leaves say fall but the air says summer, my favorite way to outfit myself is with a pair of shorts and a long sleeve or sweater on top. It is quick, easy, and shows that you’re still holding onto the last bit of bronze you have left (that reminds me, I need to tan myself ASAP). Maybe you aren’t a shorts gal, take your outfit in the other direction and pair some boyfriend jeans with a tight tank and you will be good to go. Whatever you choose, just remember that no one ever said you had to sweat profusely to look cute. 🙂 Here are some of my fall pics for the perfect shorts & long sleeve looks.

Happy almost fall, but still kinda summer, loves!

Xo, Ciera