A partner workout.. kinda sorta

A partner workout.. kinda sorta

Hello peopleeee,

Today is fitness day, and let me tell ya.. Boy do I have a treat for you. So my dearest soon-to-be sister-in-law (wow, so many dashes) ((if Justin ever proposes)) asked me if she could be on the blog since Justin was such a hit. A little bit of couple rivalry is the key to any successful relationship. So I let the ginger join me this week for a partner workout, and she only put me in one chokehold, so that’s a win!

Now before you get to the video, LARGE DISCLAIMER: we in no way are professionals (you will see for yourselves) and I swear we will get better at this. I about died laughing during this workout and had a lot of fun with it. If you are a gym newbie or just hate going anywhere without your best pal, try this workout next time you are at the gym or even at home. This workout is made for beginners but can easily be modified upward if you wanna get fancy.

The workout was made by my lovely brother, Justin Michael Farley, who is practically Mr. Fitness himself. He is like so cool and has won 367 Spartan Races, probably set 60 records, and eats paleo stuff because he is just the best. (I was playing no truths, mostly lies there when describing him). Hanna and I had a lot of fun with the workout and you can too. Remember to warm up properly (light cardio for 5-10 minutes) and perform all movements SAFELY. So without further ado, here it is…

Matching outfits- Shoes: Nike | Pants: Lululemon | Top: Whitney Simmons

It’s okay to laugh.. I do every time I watch it. But here is the best part about it.. Working out doesn’t have to be something you dread or must be serious for! You should enjoy it. And hanging out with Hanny Boo Boo Child for an extra 45 minutes wasn’t so bad either. Next time we will even have a better filming location and possibly less mistakes, but don’t get your hopes up! Also shoutout to Brittany for filming this hot mess! I will see you on Tuesday for my roundup of Valentine’s Day outfit ideas. 🙂

Xo, Ciera

Yes, you must wear pants

Yes, you must wear pants

Hi pals,

We all know I am a fan of not wearing pants.. in the sense that I would prefer a dress or romper. (like I said, no pants are the best pants) But since this is a fitness post on this fine Thursday, I think it is important for me to tell you that it is required for you to wear pants at gyms.. so don’t you be getting any weird ideas.

Now I had no idea what I was possibly going to write this post about as of yesterday.. but I was then presented with fitness blog post gold while doing my leg workout yesterday. Okay, maybe not gold, but I think it’s a pretty good thing to discuss. Now before I get into the actual content of this blogpost I would like to give you the backstory to my pants party post.

So yesterday I was at Fitness Connection, workin it out ya know, and I was using the leg extension machine.. And suddenly a large man walks in front of me wearing leggings and a cutoff crop top. Now I’m not a judger, you do you boo, but I was pretty taken aback by possibly the tightest pants I have ever seen on a male or female. I really wasn’t even sure if I should look or cover my own eyes.

There is a point to this, I swear.. The main thing was that I knew the leggings he was wearing weren’t made for the type of workout he was doing. I was impressed that he was rockin’ a pair of Lululemon Align pants, but light gray is not your friend while sweating, and those guys are not squat proof so most of the gym ended up with a free show. The whole point of this post is for me to tell you all about the different types of workout/athleisure pants and their intended use. I am a self-proclaimed workout pants expert, and I do have a little experience as I am now a Lululemon sellin’ gal and was once a Scheels expert in women’s fitness wear (super official, I know), and I wear workout gear for 95% of my life.

I am going to make it easy by starting at athleisure and working my way to heavy duty leggings. And now it’s time to get this pants party started!

  1. Lululemon Align Pant

    Fitness Post 2
    These come in a bunch of different colors, three different lengths and are perfect for everyday wear and light workouts (yoga or walking). As close as you can get to not wearing pants without being fully naked.
  2. Zella Live In High Waist Legging

    Fitness post 2-2
    Comparable to Lululemon with a lower price point. Many color options but slightly thicker & heavier in material. Perfect for lounging or light workouts.
  3. Under Armour Studio Leggings

    FItness post 2-3
    Soft cotton blend with fun designs. Perfect for barre & pilates. Studio leggings are meant to be stretched in, but are not great for high intensity.
  4. Nike Epic Lux Flash Running Tights

    Fitness post 2-4
    Lightweight and fun designs (mostly reflective for outdoor running). Running tights are made for that purpose and are often thinner than training tights due to the specificity of the running motion.
  5. K Deer Sneaker Length Legging
    fitness post 2-6
    Love love love the crazy stripe pattern. Inner thigh ventilation is also a real plus on those tougher workouts. Great for cardio and most training activities.

    Here’s my super cute pink pair and Seager when he was still cute & little. 🙂
  6. Lululemon Wunder Under Hi-Rise 7/8 Tight

    Fitness post 2-5.jpg
    Thicker material than the Align, so more squat and HIIT-proof. Lots of patterns! The “Full-on Luxtreme” version feels especially soft and silky compared to the regular fabric.
  7. Gymshark Seamless Energy High Waist Legging

    Fitness post 2-9
    These seamless leggings are super cute, and I am dyinggggg over the laser-cut detailing on the sides of these cutie pies. I already have the red versions of these , and just ordered these, so I am (not so) patiently waiting to get them. Great for all workouts, and they do not show sweat.
  8. Lululemon Train Times 7/8 Pant

    FItness post 2-7
    Mesh detailing in the back, which I know you can’t see in this picture, but I love. Thick and stretchy with a high waist. These are my favorite to wear on leg day because they are squat-proof.
  9. Lululemon Speed Up Tight
    fitness post 2-8
    These are by far the best pants for cardio because the pockets are top-notch. You can put your phone, keys, candy to sneak during your workout, anything really in there. Squat-proof and thick for all sorts of movement.

    Always test these pants to make sure you are in the right size, color, fit, all of that good stuff. Keep workin’ on that fitness and for the sake of yourself and everyone else at the gym/studio, get yourself some cute pants designated for the type of workout you do.

    See you lovely people next week!

Xo, Ciera


Up in the gym just workin’ on our fitness

Up in the gym just workin’ on our fitness

Hi again,

I promise I didn’t get my days mixed up, I am fully aware today is Thursday. But the good news about this post is that it is the official kickoff to fitness posts on The Devil Wears Rompers. WHOOP WHOOP. I decided there was no better time to start these up than now. There are so many new resolutions out there, and over 34% of them are centered around fitness or the general improvement of health. The craziest part about it is that about 73% of fitness resolutions are abandoned by February 1st.

So I am here to help keep you on track, and make sure that resolution isn’t something you throw aside. Now I know attending a gym post-January 1st is practically hell.. There are crowds of people everywhere, newbies that don’t understand sitting on a machine isn’t a workout, and the select few that seem to be using every single machine beyond incorrectly.

The local gym may be a great place to people-watch until they fade out, but if you really want a good workout, now is the perfect time to try out group exercise classes. A group fitness class is a great place to learn proper form, try out new workouts, and break a sweat while meeting new people. Now I may be biased on my choice of location, but if you live in Reno, I would most definitely give Escape a try. I can attest to the fact that prior to becoming an instructor here, I was a client and I loved every minute of it (I still enjoy taking classes from other instructors). Escape offers spinning, boxing, bootcamp, and weight training along with a blacklight and loud music experience. You can sign up through the “Reno Escape” app (available in app store) for an intro offer or the 5 for $35 New Year’s Special!

Now if you want to try elsewhere as well, I won’t fault you.. I’m just saying that Escape is pretty great. If you are taking the leap into group fitness, read over these five tips for attending a class at wherever you choose.

  1. Bring water

    I am sure many of you are reading this first one thinking to yourself “No s#!t, Ciera..” But having seen it for myself, I cannot tell you the amount of people that show up to class without anything to drink. Classes are hard and you don’t want to be gasping for air and then have an immense thirst for water to add to that. And since most places are courteous to clients, they will have a water fountain/machine, but it would probably be smart to bring a water bottle, unless you’re fond of the idea of drinking your water from cupped hands or placing your whole face directly under the spout.

  2. Eat beforehand

    Please do not take this piece of advice as me telling you to eat a 7- course meal 10 minutes before spin, but instead make a conscious decision to eat a healthy/energizing snack 30 minutes – 1 hour prior to class. If you would prefer not to eat beforehand, plan to hit the ground hard when you pass out 3 songs in. Food gives you fuel, and without fuel, you won’t be doing much besides laying on the ground in your first class.

  3. Wear proper attire

    Let me tell ya, some moves and machines are very unforgiving. To avoid heat rash, chafing, rolling an ankle, and dying of heat exhaustion, it is super important to wear the right stuff. There is a time and place for your formal ball gowns and stage makeup, but trust me, a group exercise class is not that place. Compression gear with a large amount of ventilation is perfect for most classes. Yoga allows for looser and flowier clothing, but I would avoid that in classes like spin, unless you want the bike to rip off those gauchos and take ’em for a spin. The proper footwear is also super important. Avoid wearing ‘lifestyle’ shoes to exercise due to the lack of support. Most athletic shoes say what their ideal use is (training, running, lifestyle, etc.). My other point to add is that you may think a full face of makeup is necessary for all parts of your life, but I guarantee it won’t come out looking as good as when you came in, so it is probably better to forego it.

  4. Try a class/gym more than once

    It is very easy to try a class once and say you don’t like it for whatever reason, but there is no chance you will ever improve with that attitude. The first class I ever took at Escape was with the lead instructor, Jen Rowan, and I couldn’t tell if I was crying or sweating (it was so hard). I immediately left that class and said “No chance I will ever put myself through that torture again.” But the next day I felt so sore and realized it was definitely the best workout I had ever done, so I went back and got my ass kicked once again. If you initially don’t like an instructor/class/gym, try it once more to be sure, maybe even for a third time. Different classes or instructors may make you more excited than others and make you work harder. Maybe the first class you try isn’t your favorite because there were too many burpees, but trying it again might result in 5 sets of jump squats which you absolutely love. Don’t give up after the first try, that’s the moral of this tip.

  5. Get out of your own head and just do it

    You can make enough excuses to fill the whole 45-minute timespan of a class, or you can get in, get out, and feel accomplished that you just finished your workout for the day. If you are scared people will judge you, I promise they won’t. Everyone is there to get their own workout in, and focusing on yours is at the bottom of their to-do list. If you are worried that you won’t be able to do the exercises, don’t be. Fitness instructors are specifically trained to be able to provide modifications for every fitness level. If you think a class will be too easy, trust me, you aren’t pushing yourself hard enough. All parts of fitness can be made more difficult, so if you want the challenge, just ask. And last but not least, if you are scared you won’t like it.. showing up and trying it out is the only way to find out.

So no matter what fitness level you are, or whether you’ve tried group exercise or not, I suggest you go out there and try it out. Maybe you will realize the only reason you’ve always hated cardio is because you never found the right outlet, but now you can spin, or maybe your knees always hurt because you never knew the proper squat form, but you finally learned in a booty building class. IMG_7244IMG_0639_Facetune_11-01-2018-14-08-01IMG_0638_Facetune_11-01-2018-14-08-31

Shoes: Nike, Pants: Lululemon, Top: Lululemon, Hat: Urban Outfitters

Photography by Fernando Montenegro

That’s all I have got for today. Get to workin’ and try something new.

Xo, Ciera