You Beauty Queen, You

You Beauty Queen, You

Hey there,

Happy Wednesday (I think.. it is Wednesday, right?) Honestly I have no idea anymore, but happy day of the week.. whichever one it may be. 🙂 Hopefully you have taken the time in the past few days to compile a list of things that aren’t all so bad during this uncertain time. Remember, I assigned it as a homework in the last post? It’s cool if you didn’t do it, just know that it’s chalking up to a zero in my book. 😉 Most definitely kidding there. I have no sense of what day it is, let alone a grading system to keep track of.

Whether you made the list or not, I am here to tell you that there are more things to be super stoked about. And that thing, my dear friends, is the spring sale at Sephora. You read that right, it is time to save dat money (while also spending it, but we don’t talk about that) I know right now isn’t exactly the most popular time to spend money or get yourself all done up to plant yourself at home, but hear me out here… these may just be a few products you NEED. The word ‘need’ is a relative term here and may be an over-exaggeration, but it’s my blog.. let me write it how I want to. 🙂

So essentially the way the sale works is that you save money – I know, I was shocked too 😉 But really, Rouge members save 20%, VIB members save 15%, and insiders save 10%. Now if you don’t already have an account, you can sign up to be an insider now at no cost to ya (besides the money you spend on the products. I will not be held accountable for your actions!) The sale has already started for Rouge and VIB members, and starts tomorrow for those of you late bloomers that are just starting off as insiders! The code for the discount is ‘SPRINGSAVE’ and just has to be entered at checkout.

Quick intermission for some video and photo evidence of when my dear brother did my makeup since I haven’t taken a whole bunch of photos lately, and it seems like a good time to expose myself while showing off his artistic talent. Beware.



My apologies to your eyes for those. I promise that buying these products and the correct usage of them will not result in anything close to the looks done by Jusibear boo boo pie.

Now, with you all in mind, I have compiled my picks into three separate categories in which you can browse (and maybe even purchase) at your own convenience. Happy shopping!! Disclaimer: I tried not to include anything that has already sold out, but my deepest condolences if you do come across an item that is gone with the wind.

  1. Need you now – these babies are tried and true or near and dear to my heart, and I absolutely cannot live a day without them.
  2. I see it, I like it, I want it, I got it (and would reorder, but probably can’t count them as necessities) – I’ve bought these a few times and really love these fellas too.
  3. Rich b*tch status – no, these items are not all expensive, but I’m broke and have to make tough choices about which items to purchase. Buuuuuutttt these are the things that if I was a rich girl, see I’d have all of the money in the world (and not have to pick & choose, therefore I would also buy all of these things)

If you picked up on the fact that all of those categories were loosely based off song lyrics and began singing in your head, thank you, you are my people. <3 Anyway, I hope you get to shopping and pick up some good good at one of the best sales of the year!!

Xo, Ciera

Serious shopping is not for the weak

Serious shopping is not for the weak

Hiya pals,

Welcome back, happy Tuesday. The sun is shining (for today, yay snow on Thursday), the birds are chirping, and we are all still trudging along in this thing we call life. Today I am going to talk with you about something that should be taken VERY seriously. I am not kidding, your life will be forever changed if you take this blogpost to heart.

Photo Feb 15, 5 50 13 PMPhoto Feb 15, 5 51 35 PMPhoto Feb 15, 5 50 20 PM

Top: Free People | Jeans: Nordstrom (mine are out of stock, but a pair with same hem are linked) | Shoes: Marc Fisher Photos: Allegra Bertani

Now I don’t want to stress you out too much, but today, we will be discussing… shopping, and the best method to go about it. In my opinion, shopping should be a competitive sport, and if it were, I would be a top competitor, I am sure of it. Ya girl can shop, trust me. I used to be the girl that moaned and groaned when my mom dragged me from store to store because we had already hit up Limited Too, and there were no more lime green polka dot bikinis for me to buy (or my mom to buy for me).. but nowadays my mother attempts to throw in the towel after an hour-long stroll in Nordstrom, and send me on my way while she goes to get a margarita. This post is not about my mother’s love for tequila, so I can’t let myself get off track here..

I am here to tell you that whether you are shopping online, in store, or some other way I have never really heard of, there is a method to the madness to get the best shopping experience. To fully maximize your closet, you should start to shop like a fashion blogger.. and by that I do not mean buying 50 new things each month, but shopping in terms of seasonal necessities.

Now the exact numbers, brands, or articles are not as important as the idea behind it, but humor me and go along with what I say for now. This method is the best possible way to create your capsule wardrobe along with some seasonal pieces. The best place to start is to take inventory of your current closet, brush up on upcoming trends, and decide on how much you need to add to your wardrobe. Next, decide on the articles of clothing you need for that vacay, season, month, or event. I do this monthly, along with events and vacations. Make a list of what you need and prioritize the list by things you will wear most often, to the least often. You will want to get the pieces at the top of your list first, and then build the rest around those articles.

So here is an example, to show you that I am not crazy and kinda sorta know what I am talking about occasionally. (I will also include picture and shopping recommendations to show you how to build the perfect wardrobe) 🙂

Spring 2018

  1. Two bags  Shopping 1.jpgShopping 22. Three pairs of shoes Shopping 3Shopping 4.jpgShopping 5.jpg3. Two pairs of denim Shopping 6.jpgShopping 74. Four Spring-y tops Shopping 8Shopping 9 Shopping 10 Shopping 115. Two fun dresses   Shopping 12Shopping 136. Two rompers/jumpsuits Shopping 14Shopping 157. One pair of jean shorts Shopping 168. One bathing suit Shopping 17

Obviously this was just an example, but a very good starting point for creating your dream wardrobe! Boy oh boy was I a wealth of knowledge today! Using this guide will help you from overspending or buying things you don’t need, because you know exactly what that clothing supply of yours needs. 🙂 but please remember, always be browsing, and have no mercy when it comes to getting you some cute clothes. 🙂

Until tomorrow!

Xo, Ciera